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I got a dwi for alcohol for a bac of .07. I am on prescription medicine with a pain management specialist. The officer arrested
Can my pain management doctor cut me off if I got arrested for dwi alcohol. my bac was .07 which I passed the breath test but he still kept me in jail for one day. I am worried because I'm in chronic pain and need my pain medication.
You need an attorney, immediately. The reason is not only can you be convicted of DWI for alcohol, but for drugs, too;...
What do I need to do I have a warrent in Ark from 14 years ago for failing to turn myself in for a 10 day jail sentence for DWI.
What do I need to do I have a warrent in Ark from 14 years ago for failing to turn myself in for a 10 day jail sentence for DWI. I live in Texas and can't do the time , I would loose my job and I can't do that .Are there any options for this??
You need to contact and hire Arkansas criminal defense counsel now. It is likely you will have to do the time. Courts...
Co Op offered fiancé job across country which he may not have after 2nd day, due to previous DWI. Do we need attorney?
He is an electrical engineer and his job does not require a CDL and he does not have to drive a company vehicle. He got an interlock and is driving legal to, from, and during work. We moved across country for this job. CEO told him that they value character but believe in redemption. He previously worked for them for 4 years and left for one. They then offered him raise to come back. Saw DWI on record which was aquired 21 mo ago. There is no description in his job tittle that he must have clean Driving record. Should we be preparing for law suite if he is let go?
Look at his employment contract. See if his employment is at will and if so, the answer is no. I trust the job is...
My ex buys a car & insurance for her man with a susp. license for 3 DUI's. Do laws stop this? He's a danger to shared daughter!
Ex-wife and I share custody 50/50 of the aforementioned daughter. Her husband drives all the time on a suspended driver's license in the vehicle that she purchased insurance for but didn't exclude him as a driver on the policy. There are two adults in the house and two cars. One his and one hers. Both assessed to her. Bad part of this is that my minor daughter has been driven around by him at least 5-6 times, that I am aware of, in the last year. Police say that they cannot do a thing unless he is doing something wrong. The prosecutor has no will to get out of his chair, either. What father custody wording in Family Court can stop this from happening? Mediation is first step in my divorce decree. How about fast arbitration? Also, can't insurance laws supersede their privacy issues?
First, if he is driving on a suspended license then he is doing something wrong, but the police officer may need to...
Can I get jail time on a first DWI?
First DWI
Yes. Using an attorney would be advisable. If you can't afford one, request a public defender. 5-65-111. Prison...
Suspended from work for DWI
As a municipal employee in Arkansas, my friend got a DWI. He was off hours, in another town and in his own car. When he told his supervisor, he was placed on a thirty day, unpaid, suspension from work. My question is whether this is legal. He's already having to pay the legal penalties plus all the associated raises in insurance rates. Thank you
Your friend should talk to an employment lawyer in Arkansas, preferably one who is familiar with government employment...
Any alternative other than prison for probation violation?
I am on probation SES in missouri for a 4th dwi. I went to pay on my fine the other day and was found in contempt of court because i was intoxicated. This is my only violation. Is there any alternative other than prison?
A standard condition of probation is no use of alcohol. That is the basis for the violation and the basis for the...