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How do I get a copy of my record from a dui on military base?
1997 or 1998 I was arrested on an Air Force base in Shreveport, LA. How do I find out details of that charge/ conviction on my record? I think I paid a fine and I know I did community service. Was I convicted of a felony?
There are facts missing that we dont know about. If you were a civilian then you could have had the charges in Federal...
How would you answer this question about DUI charges on employment application?
2 years ago I was arrested for DUI and my case was dismissed after pre-trial diversion. I have done an internet background check and it hasn't shown up but I'm sure it will on a more extensive FBI check. But the wording of this question on an application has me confused. It reads: "Have you ever been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance?" I have to answer "yes" because I was arrested even though I wasn't convicted?
The truthful answer to that question is yes. However, if there is an option to expunge the record under LA law, it...
How can I beat a dwi that I did not do one test for?
Ok first i was pulled over for speeding ...which the officer had a radar but there was other vechials traveling the same direction as I was
The best thing for you to do is hire a DUI attorney to help you with the facts and put you in a position to win. GOOD LUCK
How long can the Louisiana DMV require an interlock device?
My husband got his 3rd DUI (BAC 0.284) in Aug 2012, and it was reduced to a 2nd offense, the case drug on and was finally closed in Aug 2015--He ended up getting nothing more than 6mo probation, which has already been completed with all fines paid..The court never ordered an interlock device be placed on his vehicle, but the DMV did...We have since sold the vehicle in which the interlock was originally installed, and have purchased a new vehicle, but have not yet installed the interlock on the new vehicle. His license expired last year and the DMV will not reinstate it until we show proof that the interlock device has been installed on the new vehicle. Its been over four years since his license was suspended and the interlock device originally installed. Is there a limitation as to how long the DMV can require you to have the device?
There is no real limit. driving privileges are an administrative privilege, not a legal right. Ask the DMV how long...
I got a dwi july 2014. Will it show up on my MVR
I feel asleep in slde swipe a 18 wheeler july 2014.
First, a lawyer will need to know if you were convicted of the DWI. Also was the conviction based on a guilty plea and...
Can I get my drivers license back after my warrant is recall and before my arraignment?
My license was suspended do to a bench warrant in 2010. My warrant was recalled today. They said I had to show proof of a valid license on my court date in a few mths from now. I'm confused now! Does that mean I can go & get my license back today? Cause really need them back & this has made me so anxious to know. My law is out of the office, don't know if this is wrong or not asking other lawyers but I hope not. This is my well being we're talking about and I need to exhale bad! Thanks so much!
Call a local DUI attorney to review your record and give you the answer to the question you're asking.
When I go to court will they drug test me even though I was charged with a first offense dui
Swerving while changing lanes. I'm on vistaril for anxiety. I also took a xanax that day. I passed breathalyzer with a .0000 and they gave me a urine test
No way to know who or when you will be tested if ever, great question to ask your lawyer.