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    Wednesday Nov 29 | via WOAY 

    On Tuesday November 28, 2017 at approximately 1:30 PM, deputies with the McDowell County Sheriff's Office arrested two individuals on drug related charges at Spice Creek, near Roderfield, WV. Kelly L. Shirley, 27, from Roderfield WV was arrested on charges of Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws, Delivery of a Scheduled II and Delivery of a Scheduled III Controlled Substance.


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Yes I got a dui back in2015 I just received my final order it said according to the hearing examiner it should be affirmed
My blood test come back with nothing init
I know you know what you want to ask. It did not come across really clear to me, though. Perhaps if you give some...
How can I get my drivers license reinstated even if its just to be able to work
My license got suspended in 2008 for driving under the influence and then I got caught driving while suspended but now I have a wife and 3 children with disabilities and no way to work or get them to any appointment with there doctors I don't receive any income at all I need help
I just Googled "hardship licenses in WV" and came up with this firm's info. They are in Clarksburg but have an 800 or...
Dui public defender?
What kind of plea bargain can a public defender get a person who has a 1 st offence dui? But the person has previously already had a 1st offence dui 2 years now would the prosecutor find the first offense dui and would they turn it into a 2 offense dui? Could you be charged with a 1 st offense dui again? Please help!!
It sounds like you are represented by a public defender. You should ask the defender your questions. We simply do not...
What to do about wrong information in police report for a dui charge?
My husband is charged with first offense dui when the public defender read off the police report they said they took him to one place but in fact he was never at the the place they are saying? It's wrong information in the report what can we do?
About what? ask his attorney no clue. Fight it let the attorney do his/her job?
What can we do ???
My husband has been arrested for DUI 2 years ago and then he recently got arrested for another DUI but the cop arrested him for a first DUI offense we were at our house and we were arguing so he went outside to get in the truck and listen to the radio I remember he circled around our driveway and our yard but I don't recall him leaving our yard on the main road and he honestly doesn't remember if he did or not what can we do how can we help him keep his license and not go to jail?
You need to hire a good defense attorney. Unfortunately, the DUI statute applies to anyone driving in the State of West...
What should I do? If they win adoption can I appeal it? If they win will I ever have the chance to get them back? Please help :(
In February of 2012 I sent my children to West Virginia from Alabama to temporarily stay with my exs brother and wife (JJ & Danielle.) At the time I was trying to relocate to West Virginia. My children's father went to jail in Oct 2011 & was sentenced to 17 1/2 years. I did have a drug problem that I kicked on my own. In April 2011 I took an overdose and was in the hospital on life support almost 2 weeks. I was and still am struggling in some aspects of my life. I called JJ & Danielle & told them I was coming to get the kids in May & the very same night I was arrested for a DUI. They then went and got emergency custody, so when I called again a few days later & told them I was coming, they informed me not to show up they had custody. Now they are pushing for forced adoption on the 29th.
Get an attorney in West Virginia in the place where this is happening ASAP. If money is an issue, get in touch with...
DUI 2nd offense in WV and DMV delayed decision for 5 years
I got a 2nd DUI in WV in July 2011. The DMV set my hearing for April 2012 I did not get notice of their action until May of 2016 almost 5 years after the fact, I am not going to get an interlock device and soon will be moving out of state. I know that I can be suspended for ten years; so after 10 years can I get a drivers license without participating in the Interlock program or taking classes? Also on my driving record what would be the date of offense?
The date of offense is July 2011, but the DMV may suspend much later because you never showed up. It is a fools errand...