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illegal detention
Are you asking if you can persue charges of illegal detention against the state for stopping you in the first place?...
We went through the process of obtaining a temp resident visitor visa for entry to Canada because of his DUI, however, the paperwork we submitted (after applying for the package with DUI as a reason) the security clearance obtained for Ohio and FBI come up free and clear. We are afraid to travel to Canada in the event he is black listed because we applied for the package as a result of a DUI
DUIs (as you seem to know) can potentially prohibit entry into Canada. If this was an old Ohio DUI, there is a chance...
This Tuesday was my final court date in my first offenders program for merijuana possession and paraphanalia. The case was closed and the charges are to be expunged once the judge saw my drug screen results were negative. They are still sending the test to the lab for alchahol, which most likely cone back positive as they informed me it tests back 80 hours. When these results come back in about a week what am I looking at if they are positive
Alcohol itself will not be detected for 80 hours. If they run an ETG (ethyl glucuronide) test, it can go back that far,...
No administrative notice was sent by AZ to Ohio so my Ohio driver's license has not been suspended. By the terms of the plea deal my license is to be suspended for 90 days (30 days no driving and 60 for to and from work). To regain driving privileges in AZ I will be required to install an interlock device and take a driver's education class. How does this affect me in OH? Will OH enforce under the AZ agreement? I understand AZ will notify OH but am I facing additional suspensions in OH? My attorney in AZ is unfamiliar with what will happen here.
Most states are part of an interstate compact. That agreement means that states share information with each other to...
I got my first OVI and I was wondering if they use the blood, urine, saliva, or hair test
Normally a urine test because of the immediate results and low cost, but probation officers can ask you to take any...
Got into a accident with own car. hit snow bank. cop came did sobriety test. never asked for insurance or license. I have been to mayors court and they suspended license and sent me to a driving intervention program did get an ovi. I then got a letter in the mail from ohio saying that if I still have my license to mail it in. along with insurance. Is the grounds for any need for lawyer bc he did not take license or ask for insurance. when I went the first time to court they asked for insurance and I said I did not know I was suppose to bring it bc it is in the car that is getting repaired and I would email it to them asap.
Subsequent investigation can lead to added charges
he was not under nor was he served with a warrant. he refused the cop left the hospital gave him a shot of morphine then took the sample the police got the warrant the next day.
Ohio law allows the police to obtain results of chemical (blood) tests from a hospital just by making a formal request....