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If my DUI court case was dismissed of all charges, do I have to keep my interlock equipment installed?
My lawyer told me to get ahead of my situation by getting the interlock installed immediately so it would look better in court. I took initiative, and the advice of my lawyer, by going to the DMV to report the interlock and receive a new restricted license. Three months later, I went to court and neither cop showed up for the case. The judge dismissed all charges since the state could not produce either cop.
When you receive a DUI and refuse the breathalyzer test or blow .08 or above, there are potential suspensions to your...
How do I prove a person guilty of Accidental Homicide in a drunk driving accident if the DUI was inconclusive? (URGENT)
Hi there, I'm a student in a mock trial at school and am on the prosecution side of the fictional case of 16 year old Alex Goldman. Basically, she was driving after having a beer and crashed and killed 2 people in the backseat. (unbuckled) The defense argues that the BAC was inconclusive, but at her weight, she could have been drunk. How do I win my case with my closing statement?
Look at the mens rea negligence and go from there.
I got an underage drinking citation in maryland. The citation said I will be summoned to court. What are the possible outcomes?
I was at a concert and was found drunk. I was very nice and did everything the cop asked. I am just wondering how this will turn out and also if I will be drug tested? This is my first offense.
The maximum fine for a minor in possession of alcohol is $500 for a first offense and $1,000 for repeat offenders, but...
Do you get drug tested if you have to go to alcohol classes for underage drinking?
just curious
No one can guarantee that you won't. Courts generally don't distinguish among which substances a person might be abusing.
Can I apply for a driver license in MD with a DUI and I never had a driver license.
I'm an alien and got caught driving drunk and without license, can I apply for a driver license in MD?
Contact the MVA and they will tell you when you can apply for a license. If you have not gone to court for the driving...
What is the Penalty for a first time DWI when you have a completely clean record?
The details to the events that happened are very confusing. I was stopped because I was going 13 miles over the speed limit at 4 am. When the officer came up to talk to me, he must have smelled some alcohol. Which is true, I was out with friends before, had a drink or two and spilled some on my dress. He asked me to step out of the car, I did no complaints. He proceeded with follow the pen with only your eyes test, I did, I also notified him that I am extremely nervous because I have never been stopped by police. I seemed to have passes, then he asked me to walk in a straight line, I did. And then he asked me to balance on one foot, I did. He was very confused and asked me to take a breathalyzer. I did and he and his partner talked for a little, shrugged and then hand cuffed me and asked me to sit next to him in the squad car, I did. We didn't go to a station, some facility where there was a bigger breathalyzer machine, the police officer was really nice, un cuffed me immediately . I blew and it came out to .07. The officer told me I still have to go in front of a judge, but, 99% the judge will have me take a class, told me to just make sure this doesn't happen again.
The maximum penalty for a first offense is a year in jail and a $1,000 fine, but it is unlikely that you will go to...
Medical Test against my consent
My family is blessed with a new bay recently. Prior to delivery of our baby at a local hospital in Montgomery County, Maryland, however, I and my wife declined (chose "no") to a metabolic screening test for our new born. Though the test has been widely applied to screen future anomalies in children, according to my prior research, it had demonstrated alarming rate of false positive result that negatively affected the life of parents. That is why we did not consent to the test. In spite of our clear decline for the test, the nurses at the hospital took our baby into an exam room and draw blood sample from him at our absence. Later on I saw a scotch-tape on the heel of my baby and asked what happened. The nurse told me that they have conducted state of Maryland mandatory metabolic screening. I insisted to know weather the test relay is mandatory which she confirmed it is. After we left the hospital, however, I took time and found out this was false. In the sate of Maryland metabolic infant screening is performed subject to parental consent. As the result of their action, I felt abused, betrayed, and the right of my family violated. What do you guys advise me?
I don't think that DUI/DWi area of AVVO is the correct place for your question. I would suggest moving it to medical...