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Rockville Centre Crime

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  • 2 arrested in shooting death of Hempstead man, Nassa...

    Monday Jul 3 | via Newsday 

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  • LI man charged in alleged Ponzi scheme

    Friday Jun 23 | via Long Island Business News 

    A Rockville Centre man once arrested for selling phony Long Island Rail Road tickets has been accused of running a Ponzi scheme and charged with commodities and wire frauds by the feds. Michael Wright, who was arrested by the FBI Thursday in New Jersey, operated an investment company called Wright Time Capital Group but is alleged to have used investors' money "as his personal piggy bank" in a classic Ponzi scheme, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York.


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Rockville Centre Law

I was arrested for a dui but i was charge as a youth offender which was basically a misdemeanor they sentence me to
3 years of probation my lawyer told me that after 18 month i am able to be release early if i keep up with the probation condition which i have been how does the early termination process works and how long does it takes ?
I'm not sure why your lawyer told you that as I am not aware of any automatic early termination process. Probation is...
Is it possible to get a hardship license from the court with a felony DWI charge? How about a conditional license from DMV?
It was a low reading with no accident, I was wondering if my attorney will be able to do a hardship hearing if it's a felony, and will I be able to get a conditional license from the DMV while my case is pending or is that only for misdemeanors?
You should speak to your attorney about the specific facts and legal circumstances. You can get a conditional license...
Am I allowed to leave the state after being released on ROR for a dwi charge? I'm in NY if that changes things.
I was arrested for a dwi charge the other night and I was released on my own recognizance the next morning after going to court. I had already had a trip planned to Arizona to go and look for a new job and apartment as I've been planning to move for quite a while now. Am I allowed to leave the state still? I already purchased the plane ticket and can't get a refund and I need to move soon because my lease on my house will be ending soon.
Dear Mineola Driver: I am changing the subject category from Landlord and Tenant. I gather you did not inform the...
Road test with ignition interlock?
This is kind of a gray area in which I have not been able to find much information for my friend who was convicted of a dwi a few years ago. Her license was revoked for a year which she fully served and she is now getting her life back together post dwi conviction and is in the process of getting relicensed, she has her permit and has scheduled her road test. She has a vehicle registered to her with an interlock device installed. Our question is if it is necessary to use the car with the interlock for the road test or can another vehicle with no interlock be used? There are rolling retests with an interlock device and she does not want this to become an issue during the road test. This is a court ordered restriction and she is trying to be as compliant as possible. Are there exceptions for this when it comes to the road test? If necessary to have the interlock for road test, should she pull over during her road test should a rolling retest arise? If some knowledge or insight on this situation can be shared it would be greatly appreciated.
She can look at her conditions, but its usually a condition that she have interlock in any vehicle that she owns or...
Friends license was revoked for DWI, she was approved to reapply but has to start from scratch. (written/permit then road test).
Its been a few years in which she hasn't driven, she is currently on probation with interlock requirements. She wants to know if she is allowed to practice driving with a licensed driver in a borrowed vehicle in preparation for her road test as soon as she gets her permit. Or is there another process she has to follow, such as is she only limited to practicing for her road test with her permit in a vehicle with a interlock device already installed? Or do the interlock requirements only apply once she is fully relicensed. There isn't much information about this. Do the interlock requirements apply to the entire relicensing process? She doesn't have a car yet so it would be helpful to know because if the restrictions do apply to the entire process, she can purchase a vehicle sooner insure it and get the interlock device installed. She has changed her life completely and wants to be fully compliant, the process is just tough to follow starting from scratch. Does she have to appear to the road test site in a vehicle with the ignition interlock device installed in it once it is time for her to retake? Sorry for all the questions in one, we are just trying to clear up this confusion.
Lots of questions but a single answer. She must have an interlock device in any vehicle she operates.
I received a dwai for alcohol two years ago and I just received another dwai for drugs. Will I get I felony?
I am a veteran and I'm employed by the government
Driving while ability impaired by alcohol (VTL 1192.1) is a traffic infraction. Driving while ability impaired by...
I never got charged for the DUI, instead i got a traffic infraction will it show up on a criminal record?
I am getting a background check for a new job, i just don't want to worry that my arrest shows up on a criminal record even though i never got charged with anything.
If you were arrested, fingerprinted and photographed, your arrest record could appear in background checks, regardless...