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I have had failed bac readings the next day after drinking the night before. I just recieved a letter asking for explaination.
Both of the readings where over .05 What should I do?
You do not clarify if you have an MDDP or an RDP. if you have an MDDP and in fact the readings are legitimate, simply...
DUI /suspension. Rescinding both after case was dismissed.
Issued DUI and Dl was suspended for refusal to blow. While suspension was in effect the case was dismissed and I left to state issued mandatory vacation for 18 months on non traffic related cases.My cdl was revoked and upon release I obtained the cdl after retaking tests. Now this suspension and dui are still on my record and nobody will hire me. My cdl is pretty much worthless unless I can rescind this off my record. The time limit to rescind is up which I knew nothing about at the time and was not available anyways.What are my chances of getting this removed and what would be the expected cost of an attorney for said matter?
Unless a Petition to Rescind the suspension was filed within 90 days of when you were served with a Notice of Summary...
Can I get full driving privileges while on an IL RDP if I move to another state?
I have two DUI convictions in IL. New law states that I must hold an RDP for 5 long years in IL before full privileges are an option. What happens if I move to another state while holding an IL RDP? Five years is too long of a time to be on a restricted driver's permit, in my opinion.
Other states will be aware of restrictions in IL making it unlikely any state will issue you a license.
I have a DUI, but my probationary period is over, however my fines are not paid....can I serve time?
I was charged with a DUI in 2015... and I completed all of the other requirements and classes, but I have not paid my fine off. My Probation is over... and I do not have to appear in court anymore.. but can I be issued a warrant? I do not make much and can barely pay anything on it.. I just do not want the situation to get any worse! Any advice appreciated! Thank you.
If your period of supervision or probation is over, then the state can either file a rule to show cause (contempt...
Will they remand me at my next court date if I show positive for drug and alcohol test?
I live in basement and the people I live with smoke a lot of weed and I have no choice but to breath it in. Then I've been taking nyquill and Robitussin for a bad case of the flu. Im on pretrial services but am scared that I may have failed my random drug test. Will they put me in jail?
If you stick with that explanation, yeah, probably.
How can an officer knick on your door and charge you with a suspended license and impound your vehicle.
Don't you have to be operating the vehicle?
If the officer has reason to believe that you were driving while suspended. At trial, the prosecutor will have to prove...
Can I become a collections agent in IL with a felony DUI conviction in background
was convicted and sentenced Class # 2 DUInfelony conviction in 2014
Call the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.