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  • Knox Criminal Docket

    Thursday Aug 20 | via Herald Gazette 

    Kenneth Corlis, 48, of Rockland, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs, $400 fine, 10 months in prison, all but 21 days suspended, probation one year. Ronald H. Guay, 19, of Bangor, theft, $250 fine; unlawful possession of scheduled drug, dismissed; minor consuming liquor, $200 fine; possession of marijuana, $200 fine.


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  • Rockport man awaiting trial for fatal hit-and-run ba...

    Wednesday Aug 19 | via Bangor Daily News 

    A Rockport man, who was indicted earlier this month for manslaughter in connection to a fatal hit-and-run crash, is back behind bars after police said he tested positive for marijuana use. Judge Patricia Worth ordered Jeremy Stone, 41, held without bail Wednesday afternoon pending a hearing on a motion filed by the district attorney's office to revoke his bail on the manslaughter charge.


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  • Rockland Police blotter

    Thursday Aug 13 | via Herald Gazette 

    Michael Papa, 27, of Richmond, arrested for furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol, refusing to sign a summons by Shirey. Jasper Barber, 29, of Freeport, arrested for furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol and disorderly conduct by Shirey.


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  • Be cellphone safe

    Jul 30, 2015 | via Herald Gazette 

    A whopping 77 percent of teens between 12 and 17 years old own a cellphone; of those, 28 percent have admitted to sending inappropriate pictures through a text message, according to What should parents be worried about? In addition to what is on the phone, teens spending too much time on their phones and normal teen drama, the main issues that arise from improper smartphone use fall into a few categories: identity theft, punishment for bad behavior, predator risk, involuntary/revenge, porn, not to mention spam/malware and viruses.


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Rockport Law

How long after a car accident can I be changed with a DUI?
I had a car accident exactly a month ago am worried I am going to charged with an OUI? I had two drinks and was driving home. I briefly went in the other lane while a car (cop) was coming and I overcorrected and crashed into a tree. I was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. A cop came to the hospital and took my blood for an alcohol test. He said he would contact me in a week about the results. It has been over a month and am wondering if I should still be worried about getting an OUI. How long do the cops have to charge me with a DUI?
You can always call and ask them.
If you take a breath test and pass and then refuse a drug urine test is that the same as a refusal in Maine
Took a breath test and passed later at police station I was asked to take a urine test at which time I asked I was required to take it and I asked a couple of other questions at that point the officer walked out said too late. Does this mean I refused it?
They will probably say that you refused. You should get an attorney if you were charged with a DUI offense.
Can i be extradited on a dui (prescription drugs)
I got arressted for dui..influence was prescrption drugs. This tripped my ptsd because of being frisked by a male cop in Massachusetts, I was admitted,voluntarily, to a mental ward in Massachusetts for 7 days,not court ordered. Hospital personna el told me i would be better off in my home state. I have my hosp records to collaborate this. Now, at age 62, massachusetts has issued a warrant for my arrest.
It is not likely they will extradite you for the OUI, unless it has been charged as a Felony. What will happen if you...
My husband died 9/3/13 from a fall. He was legally intoxicated. Life insurance didn't pay pay, is it worth using to collect?
It was a $300,000 policy offer by one of our credit cards. I didn't know he was an alcoholic when I took this accident policy. Now they say it's excluded because of his intoxication. This all assumes that it hasn't been too long to try. I got the policy because I am already disabled and getting worse.
$300k, I certainly think it was worth my time to try to fight it.
Can a class C felony be reduced
Can an OUI offense that caused serious bodily injury be reduced to a misdemeanor in the state of Maine and what mitigating factors would help this to be reduced? For a class C Felony can a suspended sentence be applied?
Anything is possible but no one knows what will happen without knowing the facts of the case, the defendant's criminal...
Can a judge overrule the terms of a DUI plea offer?
First offense DUI in Maine. BAC .13, no aggravating factors. Not facing jail time. DA offered to reduce charge to DTE provided I complete 48 hour ASP, which I would have to pay to do and hesitant to because of sleep, physical issues that may limit ability to complete ASP comfortably, but will suffer through to get the DTE vs DUI. Just wondering if lawyer can request the ASP be dropped due to the fact that I'm not facing jail time to begin with.
For the most part, judges do not get involved in plea agreements. And when they do it is because they do not think the...
Getting my license back after dui
Lost my license years ago(first offense) and completed all sentencing requirements. At the time I had a NH licenses, now live in ME. I know I need my LDAC to right a letter as well as myself, but don't know who to send it to or really what my next steps would be. Any help with these problems would be huge.
Just call the Bureau of Motor Vehicles: OUI Section: 624-9000, Extension 52104 Give them your name and date of...