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  • Suspect apprehended in VFW steak theft

    Friday Apr 15 | via Florida Today 

    Suspect apprehended in VFW steak theft Update, 7:05 p.m.: Check out this story on One of the suspects in the theft, 54-year-old John Dasher of Titusville, has been apprehended, according to Bob Weigel, spokesman for the Rockledge Police Department. Weigel says tips on CRIMELINE helped police to identify and locate a suspect.


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  • Photos: Arrest mugshots 4-6-16

    Thursday Apr 7 | via Florida Today 

    Photos: Arrest mugshots 4-6-16 Leatha Allen, 26, of Cocoa, charges: Failure to appear misdemeanor. Check out this story on Joseph Luzier, 35, of Rockledge, charges: Violation of probation felony; resist officer with violence; flee/elude leo with lights/siren; agg assault w/deadly weapon wo intent kill; agg battery w deadly weapon; violation of probation felony; criminal attempt solicit - capital.


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Rockledge Law

Florida DUI and ID checkpoints. what am I legally required to do at a DUI sobriety ID checkpoint in the state of Florida
am I required to roll down my window do I have to show license and registration can I refuse to answer any questions am I allowed to video tape. are the police allowed to open the door or touch my vehicle in any way
You have to do what the cops request that you do.
I get caught with violated BPO restriction. Should I get a lawyer?
I was driving few night ago going to my friend's house in the morning about 1 AM. then this policeman stop me and told me that my plate light was out and he even called out a search cop with a big dog to search my car for drugs,he didn't find anything illegal. but i get a ticket for violated B.P.O restriction. i wonder should i get a lawyer? I can renew my BPO license to formal license this coming March. so even if i lost my B P O license, Will i still get my formal license back on March ? i m not on probation or anything. thank you very much for your answer.
Since you posted this question in the DUI section of Avvo, I will assume your license was suspended for DUI. All...
My son got a dui reduced to a recklees. was still on probation and crash his car he refused to blow,so that was dropped .
is he still violation of probation
Possibly. The standard of proof in a probation violation hearing (preponderance of the evidence) is lower than the...
19 year old daughter pulled over for speeding - admits to haveing 1g of marajuana and a pipe in the car
My 19 year old, college student daughter was pulled over for speeding (43 in a 30 zone), the officer said he could smell pot, and searched her car, he found a pipe, and she voulunteered less than 1g of marajuana, that was in her pocket. One cop wrote her a citation to appear in court for posession of under 20g, and the other officer gave her a speeding ticket. On the docket for posession it states that she was not under the influence of drugs/alcohol (she had not been smoking that night)- but on the speeding ticket it say that she was. Shw was not arrested, and allowed to drive home - will the court try her fpr DUID? Both cops agreed, at the time to 'cut her some slack' saying that as her first offence they would link both misdemenours.
It would be highly unlikely that she would be charged with DUI as she would have had to be arrested for DUI at the time...
Should I fight my DUI? Should I go with a Public Defender or obtain my own attorney?
I was pulled over off A1A in Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral for not switching lanes when an officer had someone else pulled over, I was going to be turning a right soon so I didn't even think about it. The officer that first came up asked me why he pulled me over, I told him I didn't know, maybe a taillight out? He said it was for not switching lanes. Another office pulled up, she told me to step out of my car and gave me a field test, She got me on the raise the foot trick, where I started when she told me to lift my foot and count by 1 - one thousand, she said I started before the directions were over. I refused to blow after she told me I failed the field test. This is my first offense ever, I have never been arrested or charged with anything. Should I try to fight this?
If you weren't intoxicated and feel you are not guilty, then yes you should fight the charge. A DUI charge can have...
21yr old wants to jump her 1st DUI probation to run away to CA or WA, what are the legal consequences?
first DUI, been on probation for a couple months. failed a couple drugs tests.. now she wants leave without telling her probation officer. what kind of trouble could she face later in life or if she gets caught?
An arrest warrant, likely with no bond, will be issued. Any police officer with knowledge of the warrant can arrest...
If the lab tests were cancelled,how do I find out if the police can get any results for a dui case?
Was transported to the hospital for.altered mental state as possible glucose problem.Was found.asleep in my vehicle, motor running. Refused treatment at the hospital and was released. All labs were cancelled. I pulled my hospital record and no results were listed for blood test, they all said cancelled.
The police may have had medical blood draw. Do you have a needle mark in your arm? If not then maybe you are...