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Why haven't i gotten my court date?
I got in trouble 2 months and 2 weeks ago and i still havent been notified when i will have to go to court. I'm 15.
Contact a lawyer and find out if there is a case filed.
I blew a .2 and got arrested for a OWI. There was no crash or any damage to anything. What can they charge me for?
The reason I started driving was my coat was stolen from the bar and my friend saw the man with it as he was walking home. The man that took my jacket seemed to be mentally handicapped and seemed to have violent tendencies. My friend called me saying he found my jacket and that he was afraid of this man. I started over there to help him because I knew this man could snap when my friend asked for my jacket back. (Noted that is was about a 5 block drive) when I got there the police were already there because my friend called them due to the fact he was that so afraid of this man. So I took a PBT and blew .2 they arrested me and brought me to the hospital for a blood draw. After that it was to the jail where I spent the night.
Your extra facts are certainly no defense to driving with a .20. Your case will certainly friend on your record, the...
Will I be able to file for an arraignment extension on a DUI when the arraignment is out of state?
I'm currently in a rehab and I've let the prosecutors office know in Michigan that I was in a rehab and now my lab results have came back and I'm due to be at court for arraignment on the 30th of Jan, 2018. I'm currently in Florida
You need to immediately contact and retain an attorney in the area where the incident happened. There is a good...
I am 19 and I just got my first DUI?
I am attending college on a scholarship I’m worried I will lose this I’ve never had anything on my record before and I’m terrified. I have called an attorney I will meet Wednesday but haven’t spoke about it yet. Please help.
Moving this to DUI section so you can get better advice. Although it sounds like you've done the right thing and...
Can a felony received over 25 years ago for involuntary manslaughter due to a DUI be removed
License was revoke due to outstanding court cost but everything has been paid because i found a job but then i was caught driving without a license paid that bill but they are refusing to give me a license i was driving without one. I would like the opportunity to obtain a better job,vote, travel with a passport, I am grateful not to be imprisoned but yet i feel caged.
How old were you when you were convicted? If a minor, maybe something could be done. If an adult, I doubt there is...
How can I solve this warrent problem??
I forgot to pay my ticket but before 3 months when I webt to police station and scan my license it was clear nothnig was there but now they say like i have a warrent and they say like go talk to court so what is it ?Do i get caught in jail?
If you have a warrant, the only option you have is to turn yourself in to the police or the court; however, there is no...
What are my chances of getting my license back and what do I do to get them?
I have 3 duo's 3 driving while license suspended and revoked. My last DUI was in 2001 and my last driving while license suspended and revoked was in 2017 in Benton Harbor Michigan.
To give you a full outline of what you need to do would take a ton of typing. The cliff notes are as follows: 1....