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I had a misdemeanor DUI 5 yrs ago and was on court supervision for a year and never lost my license so can I get a CDL?
Hoping to obtain a CDL for work
You can apply and obtain a CDL after a DUI if your license to drive is not currently suspended or revoked for any reason.
Do I have to wear an ankle bracelet if my charge was reduced to reckless
I was pulled over for speeding I had a few beers but I wasn't drunk ive done the field test but he says I failed blew a .084 at the police station. I had a first DUI 11 years ago I don't feel like my case was handled correctly
That is determined by the judge. And the quality of your lawyer.
Illinois I had a DUI 11years ago .21 and just recently been pulled over again but I wasn't drunk .084
I was speeding but arrested for DUI I wasn't drunk and I agreed to do there test I supposedly failed I blew a .084 at the pd
Not sure what your question is but nobody on this list will be able to tell you what is going to happen until they have...
Will my daughter's license be revoked or suspended for certain as she now has 3 improper lane usage tickets AND a DUI in a year?
She has accumulated since Sept. of 2016 3 improper lane usage tickets, had gotten a warning ticket AND just the other day managed to get a DUI. The DUI was drug related not alcohol. Will they also take her Felony from 2012 which was felony theft >500 < 10000 ( stole money so she could get her drugs). She did do the substance abuse class and had probation .She thinks she will NOT lose her license. Also are there any attorneys that can help her free of charge as she works 2 days a week.We do not have the funds to help her. If she doesn't have a license she has no way to get to work as it is an hour drive. I am having panic attacks trying to figure out what will happen and need to know so I can get the car so she won't drive. I am afraid she will drive no matter what cause that is what she has done for years. She won't get help.She says she can do it herself.(She is 31 yrs old.) I have no idea what to expect from the court system.
I think you have a number of issues to address. First of all, get your daughter a criminal attorney immediately. If...
Does this mean I need to file a petition for my license to be cleared even though the judge already stated it was rescinded?
I recently had been found guilty to the offense of driving under the influence. However, the judge marked miscealaneous condition: Statutory summary suspension rescinded for lack of probable cause. My court date was December 12th. I called the Secretary of State and she told me my license was currently suspended.
If your Petition to Rescind Statutory Summary Suspension was granted, get a copy of the court order granting your PTR....
Is there any chance at all that we could have the BAIID device removed, due to our special circumstances?
Thanks to my fiance's outstanding lawyer (T. Harvatin, IL) he was granted a Restricted Driving Permit in July. We are a one car family and had the BAIID device installed per the State of IL. The problem: aside from the device being an incredibly dangerous distraction while driving (especially with a baby in the car), I am *by far* the primary driver, using the BAIID device at least 80% of the time, if not more. I carry most of the burden of the punishment placed upon my fiance by the state. The state acknowledged in their permit letter his abstinence from alcohol as one reason for their approval of the permit. There is no possible way we can purchase another vehicle. Any advice would be terrific. Thank you.
It concerns me that you consider the BAIID to be a distraction while driving. The car should be stopped and in park...
Can I sue dmv for denying reinstatement of driving privileges when I have fulfilled all the requirement for the classification.
Was to lose license for one year (eligible march 2012) but waited over two years to apply and was denied (may 2013) reapplied Dec 2013 and was denied again march 2014. it is now 3 years and original law states lose of license for 3 years after second dui in Illinois. Prior to first and 2nd dui had 28 to 29 years of perfect driving record NO ACCIDENTS or injuries and never arrested. 1st dui was sitting in parked car officer knocked on window. 2nd dui officer said I sat to long at a green light. neither was due to reckless driving, speeding, swerving or running red lights. on first dui was wrongfully misdiagnosed. which made the 2nd evaluation misdiagnosed. was labeled dependent alcoholic. Deny this and corrected eval. submitted but not accepted. Even though I have fulfilled all the require
if the question is whether you can sue or not the answer is always yes. That being said suing the secretary state would...