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My friend was arrest for a dui and taking to the station their was another person in car the car wad search with out his permiss
They found cannibas in his trunk and a couple of open containers in is back set they didnt charge the other person in car let them go he doesn't know how it got their his bond is 1500 what can he do ?he has some undestanding and reading issue he on a fix income his family cant help neither can i was just wondering ? Concern fRiend
If he cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to him at court. When he is assigned the lawyer, he can file a...
Is there any chance at all that we could have the BAIID device removed, due to our special circumstances?
Thanks to my fiance's outstanding lawyer (T. Harvatin, IL) he was granted a Restricted Driving Permit in July. We are a one car family and had the BAIID device installed per the State of IL. The problem: aside from the device being an incredibly dangerous distraction while driving (especially with a baby in the car), I am *by far* the primary driver, using the BAIID device at least 80% of the time, if not more. I carry most of the burden of the punishment placed upon my fiance by the state. The state acknowledged in their permit letter his abstinence from alcohol as one reason for their approval of the permit. There is no possible way we can purchase another vehicle. Any advice would be terrific. Thank you.
It concerns me that you consider the BAIID to be a distraction while driving. The car should be stopped and in park...
I need a lawyer in springfield area, for a DUI case that is over 10yrs old with no other driving infractions.
It's my second DUI, 10yrs apart, I attempted to go on my on to springfield, but was denied. I need to get a lawyer in springfield,who can represent me.
Your best bet is to find someone local who does a lot of DUI defense in that area of Illinois. You need a lawyer.
Can I sue dmv for denying reinstatement of driving privileges when I have fulfilled all the requirement for the classification.
Was to lose license for one year (eligible march 2012) but waited over two years to apply and was denied (may 2013) reapplied Dec 2013 and was denied again march 2014. it is now 3 years and original law states lose of license for 3 years after second dui in Illinois. Prior to first and 2nd dui had 28 to 29 years of perfect driving record NO ACCIDENTS or injuries and never arrested. 1st dui was sitting in parked car officer knocked on window. 2nd dui officer said I sat to long at a green light. neither was due to reckless driving, speeding, swerving or running red lights. on first dui was wrongfully misdiagnosed. which made the 2nd evaluation misdiagnosed. was labeled dependent alcoholic. Deny this and corrected eval. submitted but not accepted. Even though I have fulfilled all the require
if the question is whether you can sue or not the answer is always yes. That being said suing the secretary state would...
Is there a chance on a 4th DUI to receive house arrest for conviction in Illinois?
I have 2 kids and my wife is expecting the 3rd. I was wondering if the court would give me house arrest for conviction. So I can be able to provide for my family and be there for the birth of our baby
Hire a good DUI defense lawyer. Do not rely on information in this forum. Providing for your family is not a...
I was arrested for a 4th dui and first revoked.
it is my 4th one in 10 years and my last one was almost 5years ago. And my first driving while revoked. What could I be looking at for penalty?
The minimum sentence is three years prison , the max is seven years.
On my 4th DUI the first 2 were 10@11 yes Ago and my 3rd almost 5yrs ago. Will this be considered an second offense ?
With the first to being over 5yrs ago?
This will be your fourth DUI. That means it can be charged as a class 3 felony, punishable from 3 to 7 years (no...