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I was wondering if I will have to provide a letter of recomondation to IL SOS for a violation that somehow was recorded. I work 4:30 a.m.- 1pm 6 days a week, and like every other morning I went out to start my truck to go to work and after blowing it did not let me start my vehicle, this is the first time this has happened to me and I only have a month left, I do not know if it was my cologne, something I ate, mouthwash, etc, I have no idea what could have caused this. I had my sister just run me to work, and when I got home it worked fine. My question is will I have to write a letter of explanation if it was under .05 ? and if I do which, I don't know how that would be possible, how should I respond? I have no idea what could have caused it to read any alcohol in my system.
The violation for that device registers exactly at 0.5 bac, anything under that should not trigger a violation. If it...
I was driving and got pulled over because my license was suspended and I never got a piece of mail telling me I was suspended. Also got arrested off hand and did not get hand cuffed or got read my rights. Than my boyfriend and his cousin was with me. And they got detained for no reason than they were detained with their phones. My boyfriend made a call to talk to the sheriff's manager and that set him off and my boyfriend refused to give up.his phone after the sheriff said it was okay o have it. I also before my car was impounded asked the officer to grab my ashma medication out of the car I needed that. And he refused and just continued to carry on with the process. Also my license was suspended on 9/28/14 and I bought a car and got insurance on 10/07/14 why didn't the insurance catch it?
You have multiple questions, some not even relating to each other. However, note the following: There was no...
I got a DUI in 05' with court supervision. I got DUI last month(2014). Have not yet went to court. Also got ticketed for failure to report and leaving the scene if that will effect it. Need to get some type of permit. What are my options?
Your best option is to hire counsel. You are charged with several serious offenses and will need legal representation.
DUI was almost 10 years ago, drove suspended 4 years after that. (I have not driven since then) I didn't have a job at the time so couldn't get a lawyer. I don't know what I need to do. DMV? SOS?
Simply call a lawyer that does Secretary of State hearings and do what they tell you.
I have a clear driving record and a clear criminal record. I have a 20 month old daughter. And my husband and I are in the process of filing for divorce. I am not from the area and I have nobody to help me with transportation.
If you blew a .156, you will not have your license suspended while your case is pending. Had you refused the...
I was charged in the state of Indiana for refusing a chemical test. Being an Illinois resident SOS suspended my license. I was found not guilty. My license is still suspended. I am still going have to serve my 36 month suspension?
Yes However, unlike an in state refusal for a second DUI, where you can't get a permit, you can apply for an RDP...
I was recently given a notice to appear for under age consumption, the officer made two other people blow into it immeadiately before me. Then when i blew all it said was positive. no number was given and this was the only time they breathalyzed me. Will that stand up in court?
They really don't have to have a breathalyzer if you are under 21. Any evidence of possession, consumption or delivery...