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I was arrested for 3rd degree DUI 2nd offense in 10 years last was July 2004. I spent the night in jail was released the next day never seen a judge and was released the next day with no bail. I still have no charges from the county but DPS just sent my revocation notice to be revoked 4/21.
There are strict timelines for filing something called an implied consent petition. Consult with an experienced DWI...
cop says he followed my minor son home. as my son was walking to front door the cops came up the driveway and breath tested him, my older son was home the cop said he blew a .115 and left him in care of the older son. I'm confused? he wasn't arrested so what will he be charged with?
He will likely be charged with underage drinking and driving. It's the zero tolerance law. A DWI isn't likely since he...
It was put on in 2008
You should probably post this in WI too. Like myself, most MN attorneys are probably not familiar with WI licensing...
. . . more than 10 years ago, but was convicted less than 10 years ago. Can they use it to enhance? Thank you for your help.
Yes they can go by the conviction date or the revocation date. You should contact an experienced DWI attorney to...
I dare not get into too many details. Let's just say the officer was way wrong in how he handled it. Should be grounds for dismissal.
You will have to call and talk with an attorney about this issue as it is very fact specific. There are many attorneys...
What are my chances? I went to class , I pay and do all the things that they tell me to do. I was realease from provation calls like 3 months early... I want to apply now.. What I may need?
Your question is not clear. Apply for what?
On H.A. for a DWI and I don't do drugs or anything but am just curious as to what type of Urine test is given once I am officially off House Arrest? I don't have to take any tests after since my probation isn't followed by a probation officer.
It's impossible to say without knowing the exact terms of your sentence. The lawyer that represented you for the DWI...