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I just got pulled over and booked and released with a ticket for dui in outside of rochester wa. They gave no field test and I
Refused the breath test at the field office. My car was impounded and they released me...they of couse punched my drivers lic..which I got back within the past yr....I finally did the alcohol treatment just last yr to get it back .I want to know what the possible penalties are.
Hello there, You should discuss this with an attorney that specializes in intoxication crimes in your area....
Can anyone explain to me how prior DUI convictions are counted towards a new Felony DUI in Washington State?
Currently have a family member who is incarcerated for a felony DUI that occurred February of 2015. They referred to his proirs as seperate points against his current charge. He was told, all hear say, that the counted his priors incorrectly and wanted me to ask. Can anyone explain that point system to me?
The legislature has set it all forth in the statutes comprising the Sentencing Reform Act. Start at http://app.leg.wa....
In WA, can 2 recent DUIs keep me from getting insured if I'm trying to get Real estate license?
in on-line classes right now to get RE license, my mentor just realized a broker might not insure me because of DUIs, is this a lost career choice for me?
Get on the phone and talk with your insurance agent.
How long can charges stay active on a DUI?
I got charged while in prison in 2009. Want to get license back but now suddenly when I paid off all my tickets now this charge is holding it.
The statute of limitations was put on hold when they filed the charge. The charge can remain there forever, waiting...
What is the penalty for driving w/o ignition interlock
I am not on probation and have completed all requirements. Dept of licensing required me to keep it a year longer. So not violating probation and have had ignition interlock in my vehicle since I obtained dui. I was driving another vehicle as my only option
If DOL requires you to drive a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device, even if probation does not, and you...
I was mailed a court date to the address on my license, but we recently moved to wa. Fighting dui charge, read 0.64, will i win?
Being honest. I was drinking the night before, stayed up all night with a relative, i didnt drink all night or all morning, when my mom and i departed that morning it was 11 am. Driving home i felt tired and was in a car accident. I was arrested for dui. They did a breathalyzer and read 0.64... i did call to check on the case... the clerk lady at the court said it would probably take up to a year to process with the prosecutors and i will be noticed. Well recently i lost my texas driver's license and wanyed to change it to wa. I went to the dmv and behold they told me i had a charge. Immediately i went to court and asked to schedule a court date. They mailed the court date to the address on the license but the officer who arrested me took my wa address? What do i do?? Please help.
First there is no way your BAC was .64. In 45 years I have never seen or heard of anyone who lived with a BAC above...
If you plead guilty to a DWI in wa state and are pute on probation but haven't bin sentenced and mis a appt. with po. ? Jail ti
I'm on probation haven't bin sentenced for DWI in wa state live 2hour's away they took my license and having alot of trouble finding a tesponsable person for a ride no buses ect.i never reported when they told me to they gave me another chance so i was told to report and did and then was supposed toget a evaluation got the assesment butt the evaluation was scheduled a month out then was supposed to go see po the ride i got broke down butt i called and he rescheduled me and missed and didnt call because afraid of consecuences also im on bail Butt haven't missed a court date? How much jail time could ii get
Possibly jail and it depends on the court.. You need to ask for your probation to be transferred to your county. Call...