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I live outside Pittsburgh, PA. I had 2 in 2009 that were less than 2 months apart. Unfortunately, this past June 2014
got another which would be my 3rd in a little over 5 years. However, being that the first 2 were so close together, is there any chance the court would consider combining those into one to make this most recent one a 2nd? Also, I completed 14 days of inpatient treatment and now have been living in a recovery house for 60 days. What are the chances of receiving time served? Thank you for your assistance! These are driving under the influence charges of course at the highest tier for each. I was told the court may be inclined to give credit for living in a recovery house because it has curfew, testing, AA meeting requirements, and 24/7 staff on site.
I am going to change the practice area because you appear to be talking about a DUI case and you need to be looking for...
I got an underage citation the other day but was not breathalyzed. He did an eye test and said i was drinking. Can i fight it?
I was at a concert the other day with a group of friends. I was not drinking or had any alcohol on my possession or around me. A cop walked passed me and continued to walk about ten to fifteen feet behind me when he called me over. I walked over and he picked up an open beer on the back tire of a truck and looked at me insinuating it was mine. I told him it was not mine, and he asked me to walk in front of everyone and follow the pen with my eyes. I've had 4 eye surgeries since i was three years old and also have signs of glaucoma, and when i strain my eyes certain directions my eyes jiggle. When the police officer noticed he asked if i was doing it on purpose. I told him no, and then he walked me over to his car where he wrote the underage citation saying i had alcohol on my breath.
The answer to your question is absolutely YES. The HGN test is a very poor test, but you will obviously be confronted...
Can I be charged with a DUI when the cop never seen me in the car?
I was drinking the night before,the morning son had a doctors appt..I went to the school to pick him up & My boyfriend called the school and told them he thought I was drunk.. I got to the school.. They called me to the back office and talked to me for a while when the principal was calling state police the cop got there and gave me a breathalyzer which must not of read right because then he proceeded to tell me he was taking me for a blood test.. That was done and was .08 will I be able to get this as not a dui?
You need to talk to a PA DUI attorney. You may have a valid defense. Best of luck to you
Expunged DUI keep me out of Canada?
I am currently doing ARD for 1st offense DUI. Upon completion at 6 months after I can get it expunged. Will this expunged DUI show up at the Canadian background search? Will it keep me out, if so should I contact a Canadian law specialist, what steps are necessary?
In theory, an expungement makes your arrest a legal nullity as if it never happened. The actual clearing of the record...
Passenger in a commercial work vehicle hit by a drunk driver. Am I covered under the bodily injury policy of my employer.
The driver who hit us is under insured and was not hurt, but both driver and passenger in our vehicle had injuries.
Both of you have a case. Because of the criminal act is very serious, it is very helpful to speak or email an attorney...
I have 3 misdemeanors a indecent assault(2008), receiving stolen property and a dui can I get a pardon or expungement for these
Receiving stolen property(2010), dui(2012)
If they are convictions, you need to get a pardon before you get an expungement. It seems unlikely at this time that...
I am on probation until the middle of October. My fine is paid not done with d&a classes ,can my probation be extended?
It is my first dui ,the drug and alcohol school will not tell me when im finished. I would guess because I have to pay 40 dollars everytime I go . Can I be violated for this. I have done everything asked .I cant control a greedy d&a school who wants to squeeze every dime out of me they can. I live in beaver pa. Please help.
Speak to your PO