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I am wondering if there is a good free website to look up NH case law and trial transcipts?
I have been charged with DUI and can not afford an attorney (will have PD at trial but must rep. myself at ALS). Also I can not find any procedural guidlines as to how the "tester" should give instruction for the breathalyser, is that part of police procedure that is protected ?
A very good place to find case law regarding ALS is on the New Hampshire Department of safety website under compendium...
Can Massachusetts revoke a license or driving privileges if you do not hold a Mass license but have a NH license.
If i crashed a car in Massachusetts and got a negligent driving charge. The person lives in new hampshire. she was arrested for DUI but was later dropped as there were no alcohol or drugs involved. She pled guilty to the Negligent driving and was told her driving privileges were revoked in Mass for 90 days. How can they revoke driving priv. if you hold a license in another state. Her NH license is valid and has no marks on it.
Certain states share such driving conviction information under the Interstate Compact Agreement and once the Secretary...
Appeal after pleading guilty.
my son blew a 0 on the breathalyzer but the police still wanted him to take a blood test, he has no insurance so he asked the police if he could just take a urine test instead,the police said no and told him if he refused to take the blood test he would be arrested for refusing to take the test, he did not refuse, he just asked to take a urine test instead..before I knew anything about this he went to court and pleaded guility, can he still appeal this seeing he blew a 0 ? it happened a couple of weeks ago.
There are a number of factors at play when you consider an appeal after a guilty plea, and all of them depend on more...
Can I fulfill these requirements in NH? Is it going to cost more money?
I got an OUI in Massachusetts. I moved to NH soon after and got a guilty conviction after I moved. I have to now take a 24D program. I don't have a license and can't drive down to MA to take these classes.
You will need to speak with the probation department in the MA court to see if they will accept a class from a NH provider.
Will i also have to do the driving class in New Hampshire if already did Maine's course and the counsoling
I am a New Hampshire resident but i got my first ever oui offense in Maine. I did the DEEP program in Maine and also saw a licensed drug counsoler
No, you will not have to do a NH course.
What are my options ? I have only enough money for a court appointed lawyer. do I have any chance of winning this?
I was pulled over for dwi in nh on Jan 1st this year. I believe it will be an aggravated dwi just based on my personal opinion. This will be my second dui...the first five years ago..aggravated dropped to regular dwi. The officer brought me to the station where I blew multiple times until he told me the machine wasn't working and he was going to take me to the hospital for blood. I may or may not have refused but regardless I believe in nh I don't have a choice. I was pc for the night and evaluated in the hospital the next morning. The night is somewhat blurry but I do clearly remember the officer throwing some sort of paper, I assumed evidence, into the hospital trash which I contested heavily he show me what it was he was discarding of. What are my best options here...I am aware I have a problem with alcohol which coincides with my diagnosis of biplolar disorder...these together are known as dual diagnosis. Just looking for any advice. I have not been doing well mentally but am med compliant though one of the mess I take clonozepam interacts with alcohol in a dangerous way which I know but chose to drink regardless. This comes at a terrible time as I am about to finish school
You will probably be charged with DWI 2nd (class A misdemeanor) which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 17 days...
What kind of charges am I facing?
I have a failure to appear for a dwi many years ago and it was the second in a 10 year period.
It is a crime to fail to appear for criminal charges so you could be charged with that offense. In addition, you still...