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Do I have to do PBT testing even when I move outside of the US, to Europe?
I've been sentenced with an OWVI. Now, after 5 month I filed a motion for an early termination of probation due to the fact that my company send me to Europe (6 months probation left when I have to leave), the court denied to let me off completely. They agreed to write-in reporting AND PBT testing - EVEN when I move out of the country forever??? I figured out that the device is not working in EU. I don't want to cause any violation. I wouldn't have an issue with write-in reporting but I'm concerned about the PBT testing? What can I do to highlight the issue that the device is not working in EU? Thank you
better check with the country where you are intending to reside--they may not allow someone on active probation to...
My legally parked vehicle was totaled by a drunk driver. The insurance company declared it a total loss. The settlement amount
is $1700 is less than what it would cost me to replace it. Would legal action be of any benefit to me?
Your loss for above and beyond your insurance settlement could be part of this individuals restitution in the criminal...
I failed a pbt 0.029 and then took an etg and passed will I go to jail???
This is my first violation and I feel as thought the etg should help. I was drinking kombuch and it's fermented I have not drank it since the incident and have put my self on daily pbt again until court. I have been on probation for 10 months and have done 90 drug pbt in 90 days as well as paid everything off and relieved my license.
Kombucha is an alcoholic drink - albeit generally low in alcohol content. In terms of whether you passed an ETG, I...
Oakland county jail
Violation of probation 1st of fence in rochester court , afulterated urine samples . I heard you can pay instead of doing jail time . 60 dollars a day ?
Sometimes there's work furlough programs that allow you to pay to be monitored and go to work but you'll have to speak...
What is the likely result of being arrested for sleeping behind the while while over the limit?
I was parked round the corner from a friend's house in Rochester, MI and was asleep behind the wheel. A policeman knocked on the window and woke me up. After some questioning I provided a road-side breath test and was well over the legal driving limit. I was not driving, and had just been sleeping in the car as I knew after leaving my friend's house that I would not be able to drive due to my consumption that day. I refused the breath test at the police station as when reading the statement prior to the test, they were seeking my acceptance that I was operating a motor vehicle - which I denied as I was sleeping, so a blood test was taken. My license was suspended immediately by declining that test and I spent the night in jail. What should I be expecting to happen?
You need a good criminal attorney as you may have a defense to any charges here.
Received an OWI in Troy. Chances of reduction to reckless or careless driving? Or possibility of OWVI under advisement?
OWI in Troy Michigan. Blew a .14 at 5:03 AM, but the breath test was taken after an hour of the arrest. Also, there are errors within the police report such as location. Chances of reducing this to a reckless or careless driving? Also, is there any way to get a charge that would allow me to plead to something under advisement that would be taken off after a few months?
Having handled many cases in the Troy District Court over the years as a Prosecutor and as a Defense Attorney, the...
My friend was driving my car and hit a sign, then fled the scene. because he was afraid for getting a DUI. what will happen?
the cops towed away my car and told me that i could not get it back in till someone turns them selves in for the accident. What should i do? and what should my friend do? please help thanks
There is absolutely no way that any lawyer over Avvo can give you legal advice via the internet regarding such an...