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2nd DUI charge pending. I haven't been in to take care of the issue yet. Happened at end of July. Should I get a lawyer?
Was given unrealistic expectations from my lawyer during my first DUI. Was a waste of money in terms of generating results. Others that had same charges that went without a lawyer received the same sentencing in majority of cases with similar circumstances. The second one occured 3 months ago and I have not been in to be arraigned yet. I can't determine whether a lawyer is worth the money this time around, because I know court costs are going to be higher and I'm not sure how much help a lawyer can provide for a second offense (first one happened only a year and a half before this last one). Live in MI, this is a 2nd offense, "super drunk" at bac .20. Thinking that a lawyer could definitely help in this situation but I'm not sure that the cost is worth it. Happened in Auburn Hills, MI. Court is in Rochester, MI. An expensive city that is approximately 80 miles (each way) from where I live. Need to get taken care of but not sure if the cost of a lawyer is worth ir or just get arraigned and comply with consequences.
I am in that court weekly. Yes, get a lawyer. 52-3 District Court as you know take these offenses seriously. What Judge...
Is this a lawsuit?
in 2006 I was pulled over and given a DUI, later in court I was charged with an MIP. In 2012 I was charged with DUI 2nd offense. I contacted the SOS and they informed me the court house did not send the proper paperwork for the 2006 charge and they still had DUI recorded. Since I got the 2012 charge I have not had a license. I figured out today it is all because of the court not sending the proper paper work. Is this a lawsuit against the courthouse? I have missed out on jobs and spent tons of money on public transportation and also paid the drivers responbility fee for the 2006 charge which should have never been paid.
Even if you had a case before, you are probably way beyond the Statute of Limitations which would have started in 2012...
Did I violate my probation and what will happen now? DUI Rochester
I was convicted by a jury of DUI. I am one month into a year of probation. In lieu of JAMS testing, I have an interlock device from smart start and I'm required to blow between 8am and 9am every morning, which I've done without issue. However, this morning my key fob malfunctioned and I could not unlock my car (it's a new higher end car with no actual key). I went to the dealer (my wife drove me in her car) at 8:30am, they reprogrammed the key, but that didn't work. So we had to go to the Troy Motor Mall and get a new key fob, which had to be programmed as well. Got back to my car at 10:10, unlocked my car and submitted a successful clean test. I have the paperwork from the dealer and the phone calls, etc. I figured it was no big deal but several coworkers are telling me that 52-3 probation office will definitely violate me for being an hour late on the test, and that I will probably go jail or get WAMM weekends and fines, etc. Is this true? I don't think I did anything wrong at all and I did everything I could (short of smashing my own window) and I haven't drank a drop of alcohol. But I'm hearing none of that matters, I'm screwed...
Your should call your attorney about this. I would recommend documenting your efforts, and seeking a EGT test asap....
My legally parked vehicle was totaled by a drunk driver. The insurance company declared it a total loss. The settlement amount
is $1700 is less than what it would cost me to replace it. Would legal action be of any benefit to me?
Your loss for above and beyond your insurance settlement could be part of this individuals restitution in the criminal...
Oakland county jail
Violation of probation 1st of fence in rochester court , afulterated urine samples . I heard you can pay instead of doing jail time . 60 dollars a day ?
Sometimes there's work furlough programs that allow you to pay to be monitored and go to work but you'll have to speak...
I failed a pbt 0.029 and then took an etg and passed will I go to jail???
This is my first violation and I feel as thought the etg should help. I was drinking kombuch and it's fermented I have not drank it since the incident and have put my self on daily pbt again until court. I have been on probation for 10 months and have done 90 drug pbt in 90 days as well as paid everything off and relieved my license.
Kombucha is an alcoholic drink - albeit generally low in alcohol content. In terms of whether you passed an ETG, I...
What is the likely result of being arrested for sleeping behind the while while over the limit?
I was parked round the corner from a friend's house in Rochester, MI and was asleep behind the wheel. A policeman knocked on the window and woke me up. After some questioning I provided a road-side breath test and was well over the legal driving limit. I was not driving, and had just been sleeping in the car as I knew after leaving my friend's house that I would not be able to drive due to my consumption that day. I refused the breath test at the police station as when reading the statement prior to the test, they were seeking my acceptance that I was operating a motor vehicle - which I denied as I was sleeping, so a blood test was taken. My license was suspended immediately by declining that test and I spent the night in jail. What should I be expecting to happen?
You need a good criminal attorney as you may have a defense to any charges here.