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Possible unlawful stop leads to passanger getting a minor in consumption. Any way to beat it?
Me and a buddy were driving home when I got pulled over. The officer came up and said my license plate was falling off. I told him no sir its not go check it if you would like. He checked it and it was indeed not falling off or lose. Its a Saturday night so I know he's just looking for DUIs. He then proceeded to tell me that my windshield is to cracked and that's considered obstructed view. He takes me out of the vehicle and asks if I have been drinking. I said yes. (I'm 22). I blew a .07. So I was good to go. But he then went to the passanger side and made my friend whos only 20 take a breathalyzer. Well he fails it. Arrested him and charging him for Mic. Could my friend fight this in court? Would that be considered unlawful stop? He was just a passanger should him giving the officer his ID be enough then left alone? As he wasn't the one pulled over. Any advice or tips will help. Thank you in advance.
Yes to all your questions hire an attorney asap to fight it.
Could I get a hardship license sooner?
I am waiting for my trial for my a p s / d u i charge. I am guilty for driving under suspension from that charge, I did not know I was. However, there was nothing I could do. I am wondering, if it has to be December before I can get a temporary license.This is what D M V told me. I am wondering if I am not guilty for my jury trial, if I can get a license sooner to drive. Or, will the D U S charge stand? Thank you, Sincerely, Lynn.
He suspension will likely stabs but you may be eligible for a restricted license to drive by participating in the 24/7...
Can I become a notary in ND if I got a DUI in 2013?
It was my first offense
You would need to review the rules for application for becoming a notary public. Good luck!
How is it possible for a drug user cri to tell the police I was selling drugs and he was still using drugs.
There calling it a controlled buy because of him wearing a wire tap but never caught me with any drugs
You should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney regarding your case because you may have a viable...
Can I do anything with a suspended license?
My Court appointed Attorney says that he can not get my DUS charge dropped at all, to driving without license or anything I guess. I have sent in everything needed to get a hardship license. DMV told me they have everything that they needed, just waiting to see if I am approved. I am wondering if it would help if I had them fax to me, that they have received everything for my hardship license application, I do not know if where I live ,that they have classes for a hardship license. Is there anything I can do? I live in N. Dakota. I am scared I will not drive for awhile. This suspension is from my APS/DUI charge, 3rd in 7 years. I did not know I was suspended yet. I am just scared, and feel so bad. Thank you, Sincerely, Lynn.
If you can get your license reinstated within 60 days of the driving conduct, you can move the Court to dismiss the DUS...
What can happen?
I have a jury trial coming up for an A P S/ DUI charge. I have a strong defense, I get so scared though. This is my 3rd charge in 7 years. I was not driving, an officer saw me at a store. He could tell I had been drinking. My friend had drove me there, then left me because I had been angry. The store was closed, I was trying to figure out what to do. I had sat back in my car.
Unfortunately, you can be convicted of Actual Physical Control merely for sitting in the vehicle if the evidence...
I just wondering if I will need to hire a lawyer for court
I was pulled over and cited for driving under suspension. I also got no insurance but just got a fine for that. For the driving under suspension I will need to go to court for and I was just wondering if I needed a lawyer. I didn't know my license was suspended and went and got it reinstated immediately.
Yes you should have a lawyer for that.