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What will happen if I did not receive a citation for an underage, even though I got breathalyzed?
I was walking back from a party and was stopped by the police. I got breathalyzed and was told what was going to happen, but was not given a citation like the other two people who were with me.
They can choose to charge you, or they can choose to not do so. Stop risking your future.
I was working for USPS, not even moving, and I was hit by a drunk driver, do I need a lawyer?
I was knocked out and have a concussion that has kept me from work for 2 months
Yes you do. What you should do is contact. An experienced personal injury attorney right away.
2 DUI's in a 3 week time span, what am I looking at?
I'm not sure what my BAC was on the first one because I refused to do the breathalyzer. After being processed and giving blood, I blew to see if I could be released and it was roughly .13 something. My second one I blew a .111 I haven't gotten anything regarding the first one, I imagine it takes a bit of time. Are my chances of getting into the ARD program pretty much done?
Typically a district attorney's office will not approve ARD for a defendant with 2 pending DUIs. That is a general...
What are my chances of being let go.
I was stopped at red light on a dead city street. Police van was next to me. light turned green but i was asking a passenger in rear where to drip him off at. police told me go. i said go ahead no yet. they got out of vehicle to question me and called back up. i said i didnt do anything wrong officer i sbouldnt have to give u id or anything. Bottom line i refused the bac tests they tried to plant drugs in my vehicle its been a few days and. no paper work was givin to me just a car impound and dropped me off at home to not go to a station or anything. idk whats going to happen. I plead the 5th they kept asking me questions after words I didn't not fall or wobble it was freezing out and I had been driving all day on four hrs sleep. Sorry for simple for of text some places just was in a rush.
You were smart to not give the police a statement. I recommend you hire a local attorney, especially because you have...
Im in need of a lawyer to get ARD & it's my first offense want opinions
my first offense and I was charged with possession of marijuana and I got two offenses for switching seats with my boyfriend after we got pulled over for my tinted windows. We were never read our rights and nerve got told why we were being stopped . I had to read I it in my summary after . I got out after 13 hours on $10,000 insecure bail. Just want to get ARD and forget about all of this if possible
I would reach out and hire local counsel who will be able to go over all your options with you including possibility of ARD.
I'm on unsupervised probation did community service n fine is paid but i got a dui will my po find out while closing my case
I did comm service paid fine but paperwork wasn't done to close my ARD was perfect for 3.5 yrs will my po violate me?
I'm a little confused because you said unsupervised probation but then you asking about your probation officer. However,...
I had my husband arrested for domestic violence but he had a gun, was drunk. How can I get charges dropped?
We got into a domestic violence dispute and he was drunk, he has a permit to carry a gun but he did threaten me with the gun.
YOU can't get the charges dropped. Only the prosecutor can drop criminal charges and given the use of a gun, that's...