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What can I do about a 9 almost ten year old dwi?
Just wanted to know I was told after 10 years it would fall off my record meaning that it wouldn't be there any more is this true? Or would I have to get it expunged?
It will not automatically be removed from your record. You need to hire a local attorney to file for expungement after...
Adminstrative alcohol suspension
Going to school to get my class a CDL. Applying for jobs. I have an adminstrative alcohol suspension in 2012 would this show up on the background check? And can I get it removed. Where it dnot show up?
If it occurred after you turned 21 it will be on your driving record. The real question is what happened with your...
What is an sis
I got pulled over June 2012 and charged with a DWI got my license suspended for 90 days with 2 years SIS probation. But I completed everything they asked me to complete SATOP etc. got removed off probation and got my license back and was done with the whole thing well I'm currently in truck driving school to obtain my CDL. Well all employers that I am talking to is saying they can't hire me because this is on my report. It's not on my driving record as a DWI its on there as an administrative alcohol suspension. What I thought was with an sis this would go away after completing it successfully. I'm a bit confused can anyone help? Not sure what to do.
SIS stands for Suspended Imposition of Sentence and it means that once you completed probation, the Court records on...
I was charged with a DWI in 2009 or 2010. Have not driving since. For second time offenders, when did interlock take effect?
one dwi 1991 and 2009 or 2010
Are you asking when you have to have interlock installed on your vehicle, as in after how many DUI's? Your question is...
My last DWI was in June of 1996. Do I still need an IID and SSR Insurance to get my drivers liscense in the state of Missouri.
Was suspended or revoked for 1 yr. I believe this was the 3rd DWI. That was in 1996. I havnt tryed to get my liscense back untill now.
If you were on a 10 year denial you will need to complete SATOP, have an ignition interlock installed, and obtain SR-22...
I have til Monday the 16th to complete 80 hours of community service. I've already completed 69 hours.
I obviously will not have a full 80 hours completed by tomorrow, so what will most likely happen? Will I go to jail? I got community service hours because of an MIP.
I would need to know more, however, i will assume that the 80 hours was a condition of probation. If so, you have a...
How did he only get charged w/driving on the wrong side of the rd?Will he be charged with a DWI?Veh assault?How does this work?
My ex was driving while intoxicated and drove off the road and wrecked his car injuring himself and his girlfriend.The accident report says that the cause of the accident was alcohol and driving too fast on a curvy road.He and his girlfriend were rushed to the hospital unconscious.They drew his blood at the hospital to determine his BAC.All that is showing on casenet is driving on the wrong side of the road.His girlfriend had to have 2 corrective surgeries and has gone to rehab to learn to walk again and she is still in a walker.He had a collapsed lung and was close to death.He was on life support for several weeks.I am not sure what his BAC was but I am certain he was intoxicated and way above legal limit.The charge for driving on the wrong side of the rd took a long time for them to file
Trying to figure out why a prosecutor made a certain charging decision in a case is an often fruitless quest. Without...