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I'm n dire straights because I feel like I was unlawfully detained & that yes I was n the wrong the cops that arrested me were completely n the wrong & I need advice & answers? On Jan29,2014 I went 2 my bank 2 cash a check. While sitting in line I noticed it was takin a long time for teller 2 cash my check but no worries I'm a patient woman so I continue texting friends. Finally I receive my $ from teller & as I pull away a cop taps my window & ask me 2 pull 2 the side of the bank. After doin so he proceeded 2 approach my window & ask me if I knew why he was stopping me I then replied no sir & he said because he had been watching me from somewhere & he noticed I had fallen asleep while waiting on my check 2 b cashed. I then told him I was sorry but I didnt notice but I was really tired fro
The facts you present raise a number of issues, including what happened after the arrest. In any event, you need an...
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You will need to re-post this inquiry in the Florida 'criminal defense' section. Better yet, it would be advisable to...
This was for a DUI charge. I have paid all fines, followed all CRO orders, finished classes and passed every drug test. Also, completed order of alcohol ankle monitor for four months without any violations, and have deputy in charge of ankle monitor giving me a referral. Will I be able to get this release? It's in front of Judge Taylor in Baldwin County District Court.
1) Sounds like you know the answer to this. Not without the help of an attorney. 2) Ask your original attorney....
I got a dui in Ca in tje late 80's. I moved away and never went to court. I find myself needing to fly into Ca then on into Mexico. I am a little apprehensive about going, how can I check, do I need to worry.
Depends entirely on the state of California. Theoretically, your name and identifying information should have been...
My husband was arrested for DUI in Foley, Baldwin County, by a Sheriff. When I bonded him out he had paperwork telling him to go to Veterans Court. I can't find anything about it online. What can he expect there? Do they follow the same procedures as district court?
Substance abuse program that works through the courts and VA.
Step daughter picked up for dui..then remembered her 2 children were alone in the house..officer said no food in house and horrible living conditions. Baby in need of meds abd none in house.
Your daughter needs a lawyer ASAP. Besides the DUI, she may also have child neglect issues.
I received a DUI in Florida after I had moved there, I had not switched my Illinois DL over to Florida. I do not live in Illinois and do not inted to return to Illinois. They are trying to revoke me till next year, I have already been revoked in FL since the beginning of November and would be able to reinstate in FL May 2nd. But because of the state of Illinois I am stuck I dont know what to do, I cant even get a hardship license because of the hold Illinois put on. I wasnt even a resident anymore of the state of Illinois when i got the DUI I was a resident of the state of FL. so how do I fix this? I cant afford an attorney at the moment I dont have the money. Should I fill out an out of state hearing application and send it in?
You still held an IL DL. Therefore you are subject to Illinois revocation laws. One year revocation for a first...