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I was arrested for first offense dwi. Refused a breath test and no blood test was given.what does this mean?
I ran a stop sign and was stopped by police. I submitted to two out of three of sobriety test. Was told a warrant was going to be issued to give blood. No test were given.
It means you're charged and need to hire an attorney to represent you. Get offline and only speak with the attorney...
I got a DUI with my CA DL in LA in 2011. completed all court programs. dont have time to wait for waiver to be processed. help
Got DUI 8/28/2011 in LA while I still had a CA drivers license. Went thru court sobriety program for 1 year, including an interlock device in car (classy AF) successfully completed program 7/11/16, was granted article 894, and the case was dismissed. final disposition: SET ASIDE & DISM UNDER ARTICLE 894 (SETTLED AT TRIAL DATE) court minutes state that license was to remain valid: DR WITH VALID DL & LEGALLY TO DRIV; and does not reflect a conviction. because the case was settled 7/11/16, the CA dmv recorded that as the date of conviction. CA dmv randomly sent me an Order of Suspension letter on 4/11/2017. LA DMV sent me a WITHDRAWAL OF DRIVING PRIVILEGES; DRIVER LICENSE COMPACT on 4/20/2017 because the dept was notified that my driving privileges have been suspended in CA. submitted1650 waiver. i don't have time for them to process it because i need to accept a job offer tomorrow and i need a valid DL. help
Sounds like you need a CA attorney familiar with DMV regulations who can immediately reach out to them correct this...
How long can they hold u without a arraignment
Have been in jail for 62 days
There is a probation or parole hold on you.
Can i have a lawyer just plead guilty to a dwi case without it even going to court so i can just start the process of getting
it over with? i missed my orginial court date so i guess can the DA and my lawyer just agree on me pleading guilty so i can just start the process of getting it behind me? i always have 2 more charges of unauthorized entry into an inhabited dwelling and phone harrassment....can my ex go "drop" recant the charges and hopefully the DA will agree or do i have to go to court for that? those charges r from 2013 and i doubt she even shows in court but it will take months to even get that far and its showing up on my back ground check and keeping me from getting a job........what r my fastest options? thanks
No to recall the warrant issued for your non appearance, you will have to appear with your lawyer. Your ex can drop...
Can I attempt to have a 6 month old DWI guilty plea reversed
I mis-confessed to a DWI charge saying I was driving and drinking when police came to my wrecked car that my drunk girlfriend was driving but begged me to say I was because she had warrants out on her. I pled guilty for it 6 months ago. Can I get the guilty plea reversd
Reversing a guilty plea is extremely hard to do and pretty near impossible if the reason is you lied. The judge would'...
Is the first time Louisiana DWI removed from record after one year?
Is the first time Louisiana DWI removed from record after one year?
It depends on the terms of pea agreement. Unless it is written into provision of the plea agreement - suspended...
Have any of you had the chance to work with Attorney Charles D Christmas in Amite , La
I'm interested in retaining Mr Christmas as my lawyer for my DUI case but I can't seem to find any information on him as to any of his accomplishments, cases won, client reviews, etc. I'm curious to know his track record so I'm hoping maybe some of you have worked with him or know something about him. If so, I'd love to know more about it. Thank you
These are fair questions to ask counsel. May I suggest you pose your questions directly to him?