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Parole violation and new DUI charges?
Would i still be in violation of my parole even if new DUI charges get dropped? And if so, which violation could it be? I was not driving. Even though I said I was, I have 2 witnesses that will testify that I wasn't. Was arrested for it anyway and was asked to do a breathalyzer and field test. Failed both. Did a year for multiple DUI's, on parole now, getting charged with new DUI case.
It is still possible to violate parole if the charge is dismissed. Likely an alcohol should consult...
For a DUI 2nd offense within a year BCA .13 and on probation what would be PUNISHMENT ?
Was not pulled over for Driving Under influence, car was stationary, out of gas but the person was drinking a few hours earlier
The mandatory minimum sentence is 30 days but likely will be more once your probation matter is figured in. You should...
How long do it take for a court Date ?I didn't receive one when I was released a hr later after arrest for 2nd DUI within year
Probation period would have been up in October for 1st DUI
The court will likely set a date soon. Check with court administration frequently.
How does my husband get his license back without all the hoops? Do we need to hire an attorney?
We are in Minnesota. He had 4 DUI offenses the last one was in March 1999. Lost his license and then lost it because of nonpayment of child support. Now child support has released it as he has been paying for over 12 consecutive months. When we contact the DMV they want a treatment discharge summary, evidence of weekly attendance to AA, statements from 5 people to demonstrate abstinence and he has to interview with a driver improvement specialist. No offenses for anything since 1999. He doesn't remember where he had treatment and he won't go through it again just to get a discharge summary. Do we have any other alternatives? Offenses: 4/78, 3/83, 6/85 & 3/99. 3 in Brainerd MN. He is 68 years old now.
I'am a little confused. If he recently lost his license due to non-payment of child support didn't have a valid license?...
Can a DWI lawyer keep my case away from a judge that is especially harsh?
I was recently charged with a BWI. I was in a small inflatable raft with a max speed 2.5mph electronic trolling motor in Minnesota. I've been told by a few DWI lawyers that they can arrange getting me assigned to a judge that isn't as hard on DWIs so that, if I were found guilty, I would receive a more reasonable resolution to my case. The lawyer I'm considering has been very knowledgeable, but says that it cannot be controlled. My lawyer said I can only remove a judge once, and I would be stuck with whoever I had after that. The other lawyers I spoke with seemed to think it can be controlled by arranging court dates and times, or by other means. Can someone explain if and how this is possible?
You should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney about striking any specific judge if that would be in...
Out of state DUI and probation ?
I'm being charged with first time DWI, and my first court date isn't until the middle of July. I'm also a airline pilot. How will the courts handle probation and my ability to freely travel around the country? Surley the courts will understand they cannot restrict my travel and I cannot randomly show up to take a drug test if I'm away for work. Also I have a interlock and I unfortunately blew over the 0.02. This happened at 4pm... I thought after 14 hours after drinking I would sober up. Apparently not. I received a letter stating my interlock is being extended an additional 90 days. Since technically I'm not on probation yet, would this have any effect on my sentencing and what type of probation I'll receive?
Travel restrictions can generally be avoided in a first time DWI case, however, every case is unique. You should...
I had my license revoked for dwi I am up to pay my fine and test should I or will I have to pay it again ? ?
I really need my license reinstated I've never had a ticket and recently got pulled over for dwi I was just getting ready to pay my fines and take my test and got pulled over for driving after revocation I'm still on probation I'm worried any help with a lawyer or what I should do
You have to pay a reinstatement fee for your driving privileges. The court may allow a payment schedule for your fines...