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Do i still do community hours if my case was dismissed
I went to court on the 17 of January an my public defender gave me community hours in order for me to recive my license but my case was dismissed
Public defender do not give community service hours. Judges order you to do community service hours. If you...
What does someone need to do to stop paying on an SR-22/FR-44?
My son moved from NH to Fl. He had a DWI did everything he needed to with the state of NH. Got his licenses back and started paying on a SR-22. After a year and a half he moved to FL. and got his Fl. licenses and moved his SR-22 to a FR-44. He has paid on that for 1.5 years and should be done paying on a FR-44. ( 3 years total with two state) What should he do to make sure everything is right before canceling on the FR-44?
DMV will be the ones to tell him when he can drop the insurance. Do not do so until he clears it with them. Wishing...
Can I get a hardship license if my dui is droped to a reckless driving even if I refused a bac test?
I was arrested for failure to submit to a bac test. I lost the DMV hearing. I've completed the 90 day hard time. I've attended dui school and counseling My dui was dropped to a reckless driving. Can I get a hardship license asap now?
Provided there are no other problems with your drivers license, you should be able to go to the drivers license office...
For a technical violation will I spend more than just a day in jail to set court date?
I complied with every part of the DUI drop program to a reckless driving. I had the breathalyzer installed in my father's truck. After paying for four months I found out that none of the four months would be included in my six months that I had to have it installed. The only thing that wasn't finished was 6 months with a driver's license with a breathalyzer in a vehicle that I drive. Everything else they asked of me was done and I've never even missed a probation. And everything was paid. Including all community service hours and Mothers Against Drunk Driving and DUI program. But couldn't afford to get my license fixed during this period of paying all these dues and ubering everywhere I go to and from work. But also can show proof that I paid over $400 towards fixing my license.
Q: For a technical violation will I spend more than just a day in jail to set court date? A: How long you spend in...
How does a out-of-state DUI conviction affect . A new DUI?
96 I was in the state of Oregon and I was arrested for DUI. I moved out of Oregon with that case pending ..and moved back to Washington maintain my license since it was not suspended in the state. I moved here in Florida in 2000 when I went to get my license.and I had to take care of the DUI in Oregon. So I was charged with a DUI here in Florida my first year living in the state. The beginning of the year I was charged with another Dui. The State of Florida is considering me as it is a 2nd DUI charge? Can that be challenged?
If you have a prior DUI conviction, a subsequent DUI will be treated as a second DUI. It does not make a difference if...
Will my “charge” get expunged if i get a lawyer?
me and my friend were pulled over and the car smelled of weed. my friend had a half pound of weed in my trunk (226 grams) and i spent the night in the Juvenile Assessment Center. (I am 17) it was a felony charge of over 20 grams and i am in a diversion program/first offender program. it ends in march so i would like to know my chances of my expungement if i complete everything.
An attorney may be able to expunge your record for you but nothing gets automatically expunged just because you hire a...
I was arrested 36 years ago in another state for dui. What can Florida do to me for a recent dui in Florida ?
36 years ago i was arrested for a dui in another state. I was recently arrested in Florida for dui. What will Florida do to me because of the first dui 36 years ago. Or what can they do to me?
They will treat it as a second DUI outside of five years.