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Breathalyzer can it be requested, by counselor, not in court order, but if under influence, refuse to let my kids go? Contempt?
The grandmother drank wine the night before the visitation, left it in the hotel frig, easily accessible. From past experiences of the grandmother & step grandfather, visited two days years ago and finished 7 whole bottles of homemade wine. They drink daily. With the last visit I am afraid they will still be under the influence of alcohol. Can our counselor request Breathalyzers for the grandparents? (To ensure level is legal, before my kids go.) Does the open wine bottle help so maybe they will test? At what level does it, show they are impaired and can endanger the kids (lowest level a court will count that we were unacceptable , what level is preferred acceptance, high level?) I want to ensure their safety. Can I refuse the visit, & take my children home because of the alcohol?
You should post your question under family law for a better likelihood of getting answers to your situation. Good luck.
I got Dui in Ky , but I live in Tn and they took license for 6 mo. Do I call Ky or Tn lawyer to get it expunged?
I didn't receive any punishment from Ky after fines, rehab, but Tn picked it up and made me put breathalizer on my car for 6 months. Do I call Ky or Tn lawyer to try to get it expunged?
An expungement is governed by state law. Hopefully, you hired a KY attorney to represent you on that DUI, and you can...
Why does my Tennessee MVR not show a DUI from 2011?
Got a DUI in Nashville, TN in 2011 & it was dismissed. The Nashville.gov website still shows the DUI & all details, but my MVR shows "no history". I would like to work for Uber/Lyft but need to know if this will come up on a background check. Thank you so much for a reply.
Check with an attorney in Nashville or contact the court where your charge arose. See if it shows dismissed and then...
Arrested for dui and had three children in vexhicle
Messed up and was drinking when picked up grandkids wreck and was arrested for dui got bail and went to arrangement. This happen two weeks ago tennessee dhs showed up at my door two days after Accident and looked around the house said the kids were happy and clean they had just eat so she said she didn't see any reason to follow up ! So 2 days ago I get a call from dhs and she said they are going to charge me with 1 count of child endangerment because she is under 8 yrs old depending on my out come for my dui trail.. Why are the waiting till then don't they have to have me arrested now and booked and charged ? Are they aloud to wait this long and then add charges ? WI'll dhs charge me after my verdict at trial and arrested. Me then
Your question is somewhat confusing and cuts off, but the short answer here is to consult your attorney about this...
Can I get in trouble for driving drunk weeks after doing it?
She has text messages from me saying I was drunk and driving over to meet her. Now it's over between us and she wants to show police my text messages to get me in trouble.
Can you be charged? Yes. Will you be charged? That's the crucial question. You need to consult an attorney directly...
my company gave me a drug test and I tested positive for a little bit of marijuana and they fired me can I still get unemployme
I don't think it was straight up I didn't smoke any marijuana I was in a vehicle with a bunch of people smoking dope and I tested very low when I think of second-hand I didn't like the way they said I could have. I had to pay money to appeal it and wait almost 2 weeks before I got my results
I will transfer this to employment law. However, You are not out of work thru no fault of your own which what...
Can I be violated probation if I refuse a drug test while in a county jail misterminer charges
Refused drug test while i was in county jail doing misterminer timr
If you are in jail, it sounds like you already violated probation.