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I got a DUI. Can I smoke cigars?
I recently got a DUI. I haven't went to court or my classes yet. I am aware that they will drug and alcohol test me. But I was wondering if I could smoke cigars?
At last check, cigars are legal. I hope you plan on retaining an attorney to help you with the DUI
Im out on bond for dui and someone stole my vehicle and crashed into a car, now im being chared with property damage revoke?
Im out on bond dui suspended licence, resist arrest, and someone stole my car and cops searched my home and neighborhood for me after accidemt and
I'm not sure what your question is but you need to consult with and retain an experienced attorney in the Hillsborough...
If i was convicted of a dwi in ny will it be on my abstract for Florida if i get a florida licence
I was convicted of a dwi in the state of ny and apply for a florida licence will the dwi come up on my abstract for florida?
Unfortunately the answer is most likely. Good luck.
How many times will a DUI hearing be continued?
My ex has two pending DUIs currently, one has been continued 6 times (now over 10 months after the arrest) in Pinellas County, the other 11 times (now 15 months after the arrest) in Hillsborough count. This seems like a bad joke. I have an interest in her actually facing consequences since we're in a custody dispute. Is this common and how long can this go on for?
It can be continues as long as the judge is willing to allow the continuance. There are often strategic reasons for...
I was arrested for a dui but, charged with a careless driving, why do i still have to take dui school
dmv still requires dui school? but not convicted of dui only a careless driving ticket
Congratulations on your breakdown, but your lawyer should have explained to you that Court and DMV are separate and...
Can police officers that work for certain agencies submit a dui video with out a timer on it ?
My video has been altered which is hard for me to prove because of no timer on the video.
There is no requirement that a DUI video have a timer on it, but if you have evidence of an alteration then your lawyer...
My son received a ticket for underage drinking, do i need a lawyer or just pay the fine .?
was in a friends car , they were parked , one of the other kids in the car handed the bottle to my son , while he was getting in the car , and the police gave him a ticket
you should hire an attorney to avoid his having a criminal record following him for the rest of his life.