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  • Not Guilty Shooting Plea

    Sunday Jan 24 | via KGWN 

    A 51-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to charges that he shot his wife to death in front of the couple's children on the Wind River Indian Reservation. The Ranger in Riverton reports that Koby Dean Johnson entered his plea Thursday to a first-degree murder charge.


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Non compliance for a dui
I'm on usupervized probation and got a non complance letter today due to failing a breathalizer. Wasn't drinking the night before. But did use mouth wash and took cold medicine right before the class.. what's going to happen..
Duplicate post. Answers remain the same.
Can cops write down different size pupil diameters on the dark room test administered as part of the DRE (DUI)
I was arrest for Driving Under the Influence of a controlled substance in Wyoming. On the dark room eye check portion of the paperwork I got from my lawyer it states that one pupil was 0.5 larger than the other. Wouldn't this be indicative of head trauma or stroke? Or is this a normal finding?
It is what it is and your lawyer will know how to handle it. No one can say if it might be a different medical issue...
In Wyoming, can a person get a DUI while walking into a building?
In Wyoming, can a person get a DUI while walking into a building?
I guess it depends if the officer was pursuing you after he saw you driving a motor vehicle. Otherwise, no. If you...
What are the penalties I could be facing for my dui case and will wyoming's wash out period be applied?
I've lived in Wyoming for two years. I only have a Colorado drivers license. I was just arrested for a dui in wyoming. I have 2 previous duis from over 10 years ago in Colorado which were run concurrent.
This would be a first offense DUI in Wyoming, based upon the facts you stated above. Penalty for first offense is a...
Hello Misdemeanor dui warrant from Texas ...reentering Tijuana possible problems?
Hello, I have a misdemeanor dui /fta warrant from 2010 in Texas. I have been pulled over in Wyoming and Wisconsin without extradition. I want to do a baja surf trip. Will I have any problems reentering USA at Tijuana? I am a US citizen . Thank you
Do so at your own risk. Why not just turn yourself in, get bonded, and deal with the problem?
I got charged with domestic battery an i was intoxicated @ the time with my ex & she 2 is a violence person 2 can some1 help
When my ex drinks she starts to be the hulk she got me started while intoxicated that day and now im serving time for a Warrent an i wanted know if there is away for me to do away with
to do away with what asker? You didn't finish your question.
I got a dui in washington state 5 years ago. I havent driven since and I now live in Wyoming. Can I get a license in wyoming?
Washington dmv told me I'd need interlock device for 5 years. This seems a little harsh. Ive completed alcohol treatment & have been sober over 3 years now. Should I get a lawyer & try to get this reduced or maybe write letter? I just dont know my options. A lawyer may be cheaper than 5yrs of interlock payments. But could a lawyer actually help?
You should consult with a DUI lawyer in your new town about the rules of transfer from Washington to Wyoming. You...