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Dui out of state home state Connecticut ... State of arrest RI .. Is this my first offense or 2nd and will I be going to jail?
I was arrested for a dui in RI it's a long story but I think I was drugged at the bar because I don't remember any thing. It was during spring break ...The thing is I'm from CT and also had a dui two years ago. I took the alcohol classes and the charges where dropped. Will this be my second offense or my first offense and will I go to jail. No one was hurt and there was no accident: I'm just worried sick and can't believe i have to shame my family again. If I was of sound mind I would of just slept it of or got a taxi but I don't remember and that is what truly worries me. the only logically reason I see that cause me to drive was that I was trying to get away from someone. Any information would be great thank you, Sandra
You should retain a Rhode Island DUI lawyer as soon as possible. In RI, DUI convictions from other states do count...
"Abort tamper" on ignition interlock device for no reason, in Rhode Island.
Hi, i have an ignition interlock device from the company smart start and I was going to leave work yesterday and I blew into the device and got a reading that said "abort tamper " . I did not try to tamper with the device in any way and to be honest I am very nervous about this situation. About a minute later I blew into the device and it worked properly and let me start the truck. As soon as i got home, i took a video of myself blowing into the device with a time stamp on it to prove I have not been drinking and that i think the device had a glitch and to show the device was not tampered with. I called smart start and they said that it didn't mean that I was tampering with the device they said that It meant that my hand might have been been blocking the vent in the back of the device. What can I expect to happen? I would not want to be charged with something that I did not do because the device is not working properly. Should I hire an attorney? Will I be arrested? I'm really getting tired of this device not working properly , it's very critical that this device works and I'm afraid of loosing my freedom or licence because of faulty equipment. I had smart start make a note.
Unfortunately, we have received many complaints of a similar nature. Always have a witness if possible to document...
Ignition interlock violation question.
What happeno if you get a violation on an interlock device in Rhode island? Here's what happened, I started my car to go to work and it registered a warn , then 2 minutes later it said to blow again, then I registered a violation, the it counted down 2 minutes and said to blow again and I got a warn then every 2 minutes I had to blow and kept getting warns. I know a warn still allows you to start your car an I think it detects a .002 on your breath. The only thing is I didn't have anything to drink at all. I think my tooth paste set it off or the system was working improperly. I am not on probation or anything but I am required to have this for 18 months for a chemical test refusal. My question is can i be charged criminally for a violation with a dui or something? Even though I was under the legal limit and the car was able to start?also can I loose my licence? And who monitors the device if I am not on probation? Any help would be appreciated.
As of right now u can't be charged criminally. U should definitely have the machine checked by the installer. There is...
Post DUI License Reinstatement Denied...Appeal Options?
My Rhode Island license was suspended for two years following my third DUI. I applied to have my license reinstated after the two years was up a few months ago and I received a letter from the RI DMV Medical Review Board stating my license would not be reinstated at this time because I did not meet a vague list of requirements relating to my psychiatric and mental health. For instance they say I need a letter from a medical professional certifying I have been in treatment with said professional for 12 months and that I have not consumed any alcohol during that time. My question is whether, how and what I can do about this moving forward. I feel like the letter and requirements are, first and foremost, very vague and unclear. Secondly these requirements were never communicated to me during my sentencing or at any time until my license reinstatement was denied. The idea of waiting another year for my license to be reinstated is heart breaking and moreover I do not understand exactly what they want me to do and how to even go about it. Do I have any options for hiring a lawyer to appeal this decison?
I handle cases like this in California, you need to hire an attorney who does medical dmv hearings in RI
Will I be able to reinstate my privilege to drive in mass w a expired license even tho I'm from Rhode Island??
I am a Rhode Island licensee and I am serving a dui in mass. I'm already 3 months into my refusal in mass, ri hasn't found out yet but my license expired this month I was going to ride it out and not drive in both states but what will happen if I try to renew my license or tell my state? Also if I do decide to wait it out what will I need to bring to reinstate my license privilege in mass?
There is an excellent chance RI will know about the Mass. DUI suspension. If they don't know yet, they will likely...
Refusal question, if you plea to the dui in District court will the refusal be dismissed in the traffic court?
Just wondering how that works, thanks for any information.
It's not automatic and there is no special formula to reach this kind of disposition. Best to contact a skilled DUI...
My license was suspended in Mass for OUI but my New York State license is valid, can I drive in states other than Massachusetts?
I have a NYS license and just downloaded my driving record which states the license is valid. Will I have any issue driving in other states?
No under the interstate compact of 1983 ur license will shoos suspended if police fun it. It is also illegal to have...