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Here is a guide to expungements: http://www.courts.state.md.us/courtforms/joint/ccdccr072br.pdf You cannot...
Does getting DUI help to get a change custody arrangement?
I have joint legal and primary residential custody of my 4 year old daughter. The court order has been in effect for 2 years. My daughter hates going to her father's which is every other weekend and will cry the Friday morning of her departure. I just learned her father has been charged with his 2nd DUI in 5 years. His first case was a PBJ. I would like to seek a change to get sole custody. Is this a good basis to argue for the change in custody?
I am not licensed to practice law in PA, so my opinion is that of a lay person where PA law is concerned. Aas someone...
What if I blow a fail in the ignition interlock and I'm on unsupervised probation. What's the ramification for that fail blow?
I had a drink the night before and blew a fail the next morning.
It depends whether anything is reported back to the judge and the nature of the terms and conditions of probation. If...
I got charged with DWI (BAC 0.10) resulted in DWAI(Traffic Infraction) but what it is in Maryland?
Hi Lawyers, Thanks for this service. I hold Maryland Driving License, got charged with DWI (BAC 0.10) in New York in September 2016 but court reduced it to DWAI (Which is Traffic Infraction but not Criminal) with 90 days suspension, some fines and victim impact panel. I still see no record on my Marylands driving license even after six months. I called MVA several times and they said my license is still active and good to drive. Can I expect anything in future now all of a sudden? I always worry when I drive on roads thinking cops have some record which is not with MVA. Because driving without license will be a felony and I don't wanna attempt it. PLEASE ADVICE. Thanks a lot
DWAI appears to stand for driving while ability impaired and the conviction could eventually appear on your Maryland...
Submitting some documentation related to DUI to court.
I got a PBJ for DUI about 5 months ago. The judge said that he does not want me to get a negative impact for looking for my jobs, and willing to do something for me. I assume that I need to submit some sheet or whatever I need to be prepared for that. Is anybody know what can I do for that?
The judge gave you probation before judgment to prevent you from having a DUI conviction on your record. I am not aware...
My husband has a DUI on his record and his status says "administrative processing" - how long does a decision take now?
My husband has a DUI on his record (actually two, one from over ten years ago and one from 2015) and he completed the extra trip to the hospital to get the psych evaluation. That was two months ago, and the hospital took until now to get the report to the embassy in Seoul. (He's doing the whole application from Korea.) His visa interview was November 10th. The hospital report on the psych exam arrived there last week but his case status still says "administrative processing" as it has for more than 60 days now. How long from now do you think they'll take to make a decision? And can you take a guess at how likely it is that he'll be denied? We also have a one year old child and I am already in the U.S. waiting for him to get here so I can start a job while he does childcare.
Need more facts. For example, what type of visa is he applying for?
Dui in North Carolina and can I move out of state
Planning to move to Maryland with a dui in North Carolina . Can I use the same limited driving privilege or should I apply for a new one . Please advice
You would need to consult with a North Carolina attorney to determine if the limited driving privilege allows you to...