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Dui court supervision violation Illinois cook county
I am on court supervision in Illinois for a Dui ... I have completed my victim impact- my Dui classes and my 100 hrs community service.. but I can't afford my court fines I'm still paying off a loan I took out to pay for my Dui classes.. my supervision is supposed to end next week but I got a notice saying I had to go to court for a violation hearing because my fines aren't paid ... is there any thing I can do because I don't make enough to pay them
Go to court and explain the situation to the judge. While mandatory costs/fees generally cannot be reduced/waived - the...
Can you be charge with DUI after an emergency room blood draw
involved in a motor vehicle accident was transported to hospital for a minor abrasion to my leg, no other complaints of injury. blood was drawn and the results were returned half and hour before my documented in custody time. NOTE: an officer was in the room when the Dr. returned with the results of the blood test. Medical records document the time of test and the time of results, only documented arrest time was on the warning to motorist. Please cite any case law pertaining to time of arrest in relation to the results of an emergency room blood draw.
I would look into filing a Motion to Suppress the blood draw. I recommend contacting a lawyer if you haven't done so...
Hit by a drunk driver- what should I settle for?
Hi. 2 years ago I was involved in a hit an run accident with a drunk driver. Since I'm sure this happens all the time in Chicago, I'm just wondering what to settle for. My whole right was effected. A boot for a month, I have a permanent bump on my head, & bump in my wrist. What are my chances of punitive damages and emotional damages? I know the insurance company screwed my other 2 friends and I want to know proper steps. Thanks! Monique
My suggestion is that you hire counsel if you wish to maximize recovery. The insurance company has already...
Can you travel to Canada with only one dui charge on record?
I was arrested in 2007 for a dui in Illinois and I now need to go to Toronto for work (I'm an IT consultant) because my company's head office is there so may have to go about once a month or so. Can I get in if it was in 2007? I think 10 years is what they look for? Should I try once and see what happens at the border? Thank you!
I am not sure if it is that automatic. I would suggest you contact Marisa Feil. http://www.canadianimmigration.net/about-us/
Can I get a lawyer to represent me for under $1,000 at a formal hearing for license reinstatement in Chicago?
I have had one formal hearing in Joliet where I was denied. I did go without an attorney. I have 2 DUI's total and was a significant risk. I am just on a budget.
Use the Find a Lawyer tab at the top of the page.
Have Kansas restricted license, moving to Illinois
I have Kansas restricted driver license( Ignition interlock restriction for 1 year ). Now I moved to Illinois, as per driving law I need to get Illinois driving license after become resident. But I think Illinois DMV will not issue a new driver license until I have clear all restrictions. So is there any way that I can drive in Illinois with obeying all law? Please give me proper guide. My phone number is 316 516 2877. If I need to hire an attorney, I am ready to do that.
My assumption is that you have an interlock device because you are currently suspended / revoked in Kansas for a DUI in...
Is there any change in sight about this 5 year baiid system crap law that was passed in 2016?
I cought my case in 2012 and I am still in the process of trying to get my license back , after being told there is an additional 5years to do with a baiid system , that would bring my punishment up to 9 years no driving for a dui? That is not right, the government has left me home less ,broke and has made me being a father to my kids impossible . not to mention ive been denied a work permit twice , I literally live under a f***** train track tunnel due to this dui, not every one has family to live with , and the funny thing is they know this is the results , just like there commercials ,
There is no change but we are hopeful. No idea when. The Bar is working on it