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    Friday Jul 8 | via Trading Post 

    July 11 - Rocks and eggs were thrown at several trailers in the Indian Head Trailer Park and a Coulter Street house was also egged. July 13 - Police responded to a Peake Court residence where a 17-year-old was "acting out."


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My boyfriend got pulled over for the 2nd time in amonth for driving with a suspended licenses in the same city what will happen?
He doesn't have a background besides that first ticket for driving with a suspended licenses he got a month ago which is already paid off.
It depends on the exact section of driving under suspension he is charged with and what he traffic record and...
Should i change my state residency to avoid prosecution of failing a drug test for DUI probation ?
Hi, I am in the process of going through the legal system in a DUI. I am CURRENTLY an Ohio resident , but have a NV Medical Marijuana recomendation. I am aware If put on probation, i could be “randomly” drug tested and prosecuted under OH law. I am legitimately using cannabis for medical reasons, and have doctors recommendation and records to prove it. Since cannabis is currently illegal in OH, and i would be facing harsh penalties if i were to fail a drug test, would it be better if i change my state residency mid-trial and get disposed in a state which allows Medical Marijuana so i am not risking anything ?
You should talk to the probation department and your attorney.
Probation violation (ohio - dui) - what to do now?
i was arrested back in 2003 for a dui/underage bac [.055]. my license was suspended for a year, 30 day suspended sentence, fines, and a weekend class. i was unable to pay for the fines or the class and as a result violated my probation. last month i went to get my license reinstated and was informed of the warrant for not paying fines / probation violation. i'm trying to handle this the best way posible - i turned myself in, paid all my fines, and received a court date. i have signed up to take the original 3 day program before the hearing and have already taken an adult remedial driving course. any suggestions on anything else i can do that would be beneficial to my case and help keep me from going to jail? would letters from my place of employment or parole officer help?
If you have a suspended sentence then there is a good chance you may have to do the 30 days based on the violation....
How much time am i looking at for fileing a false police report while i was black out drunk?
i was drunk and filed a false police report. after i sobered up i relized what i did and tryed to fix it with the police and now they are trying to charge me with falsifying a police report and im scared i going to prison. what am i dealing with here and is it prison time im looking at?
You have a lot of variables in your situation. By trying to charge you does that mean they HAVE charged you or are...
What are the Ohio state laws for driving underage intoxicated people?
I am 19 and so are my 3 friends. If I stay sober all night but my 3 friends get drunk and I drive them home, am I doing something illegal? Someone told me it was illegal to drive around intoxicated minors, even if I'm sober and there's no open containers in my vehicle.
In theory, I suppose you could be considered complicit in their behavior because you would be knowing facilitating by...
What is the penalty for 2 DUIs and 1 Physical Control in Ohio?
1st DUI was 16 years ago, Physical control 4 years ago- pleaded down. 2nd DUI just happened and going to court in a week- BAL double the limit. No collison, speeding but was not put on ticket. Thanks very much for any information.
This is your first offense in six years. So, the mandatory minimum penalties will not be enhanced. However, you could...
How, if possible, could my name, address, or personal information obtained from the officers' investigation be used negatively?
Ok so last night I was with a few friends driving around playing Pokémon Go. We got pulled over and they searched our person and the vehicle. The only evidence they recovered was a crown royal draw-string bag with a bag of marijuana contained inside, which belonged to the driver of the vehicle. After the officers finished their search, they took all four of our cell phone numbers and social security numbers to verify identity. Long story short, the only person of the four of us that was charged with a minor misdemeanor possession of marijuana was the driver. Basically my question is, will this information be published in a newspaper or otherwise be made available to the public, including my name or address, without my knowledge or consent even though I was not charged with a criminal offense?
There may be mention of you in a police report. Those are public record, but personal information is typically redacted....