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Was this an appropriate sentence for a first time dui? did my lawyer help at all?
i paid for a lawyer who promised me on consultation that there was a good chance he could get it dropped to a reckless driving charge. when we went to court i got quite a bit more than that $1000 fine, 180 days in jail with 174 suspended, 2 years supervised probation. now i understand i did blow quite high, my bac was a .191. but it seems like my lawyer did nothing to fight for me. just did what the prosecutor asked and then asked for a withheld judgement, and promised i wouldn't do it again. the days leading up to the court appearance i could get no information from him or his office, they wouldn't even tell me what they were working on to help me. after sentencing i asked him if i was going to have to carry an sr22 he told me no. well turns out i have to.
180 jail on a first? We'd have to know about the circumstances surrounding the case. Someone injured? Were you in an...
If I told the officer I'd been chewing gum right before the breathalyzer and he continued would that be enough to throw it out?
I was chewing gum and told the officer that but he continued anyway with the breathalyzer.
It might be enough to invalidate the test result, but it might not. There are no automatics in this "business." I...
My ex was arrested for drunk & disorderly conduct during his time W/ the kids. I don't feel safe with them there. What can I do?
He's had a history of alcohol abuse and has other arrest records (I believe they're all pertaining to Drunk and Disorderly conduct) for around 15 years. He's promised time and time again that he would not drink with the kids under his care. His parents went and got them last night after he was arrested, but gave them back to him today. They saw the whole ordeal and were quite traumatized, and hiding at the neighbor's house. His girlfriend is also leaving our kids (8 & 4) alone with her very immature 10 year old for 2-3 hours at a time. I'm concerned for the physical, mental and emotional safety of my kids. Aside from recent events we've been very amicable. He lives in WI and I'm in ID. I just don't know what my options are.
Get yourself a family law/child custody lawyer and get to court for an order changing custody and requiring only...
My Fiancée and I are planning to get married to fix his immigration status. He has a DUI should we go through a lawyer?
he received probation and completed everything and paid all the fines. We have a 3 year old child. Most people say that I would be able to fill out all the paper work with out any problems.
"Most people" are dead wrong. Applying for marriage based green card is much more complicated and filled with pitfalls...
If my dui is dismissed will i get my license back?
i have a class b cdl. will i get it back if my dui is dismissed?
Generally, the adminstrative action against your driver's license is independent of the criminal action. A quick check...
If i had a guilty-withheld judgement for dui in 2003 (Idaho) do i have to report it when applying for car insurance?
First offense, attended all required meetings, counseling, 10 days jail, 2 years probation, promised expungement when completed, but found it in public records.
If they ask about it, you probably have to admit to being arrested for it, but not convicted for it (in florida, at...
How high does glucose have to be to effect breathalizer
how high does glucose have to be to effect breathalizer
That is a question for a pharmacologist or a similar expert witness that a DUI specialist attorney would use as an...