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If an inmate is given 5years day for day is it possible for them to fall under House Bill 585
The young man was given 20 years with 15 suspended. Five day for day. Never been in any trouble ever . And also was proved that he has the mental capacity of a child . But was still given the maximum sentence.
Asker, not enough information but I sure hope you hire an attorney and this question should be given to him. but if...
I was charged with an DUI, how do I go about not having this on my record?
I lost my job because of this charge, was not informed about the non judicial system until I paid my fine off
It's unclear from your question whether you have been convicted or not of DUI. If you have not been convicted, then...
Can I get a a first DUI expunged if I have a second DUI??
I was 18 when I got my first DUI and my attorney was supposed to get it expunged but I found out when I got a second DUI it wasn't expunged. Can I still have it expunged? Unfortunately I was young and dumb on the first one and wasted my money on a sorry attorney.
You can not expunge the first one now, and unfortunately you can't non-adjudicate the second one. However, you may be...
Can a judge take your credit for time served and suspend it? ?
my son got sentenced 20 years 13 suspended 7 to do, he did the seven got out violated, at revocation hearing judge gave him 7 suspended, 13 to do with credit for time served, how can he suspend, the time he has done on this charge? that means if he did the thirteen when he gets out he still have 7 years over his head that makes 27 years?
Basically the Judge just made him serve the 13 year suspended sentence if I am understanding your question correctly.
What do I have to do to get DUI off my record second offense?
I'm trying to see if I can clean my record and start over again
Under current Mississippi law, a second offense DUI is non-expungeable.
If someone sends a statement against you saying you sell drugs but it is a lack what can you do to them
If someone signs a statement against you saying you sell drugs but it is a lie . what can you do to them?
You may file malicious prosecution or other civil charges against them if you are found innocent. Best of luck.
Do I have to take a drug test for the second time after passing my first one the same person keeps calling them
DHS has been here 3 times they showed up at my job drug tested me I passed then they came to my house said my kids were being mistreated I proved that to be wrong now they back saying they got another report and I need to take another drug test shouldn't this at some point be harrasment
Look at what your probation agreement provides. You could always refuse to comply with their requests and simply go to...