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How can I get my license back after my first Dui 3 yrs later haven't gotten one???? 2100$ I cannot afford
I received my First Dui 3 yrs ago... The fee is 2100 I cannot afford Completed everything they asked me to do but pay because of my license and my job consists of driving clients
Unfortunately, you're in a catch 22. In order to lift the hold on your license you need to pay the fine, as it sounds...
DUI Lawyer needed! Criminal defense attorney. Driving under the influence...
So I was speeding and the officer stopped me going 88 in a 65 on the I-80. He also claims I was swerving but doesn't have any video evidence to prove it and I had a lot to drink. I blew a .194. However because officer forgot to read me my miranda rights I read that I can get my case dismissed. I went to court and the judge refused to dismiss my case and told me I could get a lawyer. This is a straight forward DUI dismissal even though I was drunk and under the influence it just needs a lawyer to dismiss this for the technicality. Is anyone willing to step in to dismiss the case? Since this is pretty straightforward I will need some sort of written or verbal guarantee otherwise I'll just do the research myself.
No cases are dismissed due to the failure to read the Miranda rights. The failure to read the Miranda rights only...
I got arrested for a DUI but never had blood taken from me when I got to jail, but my paperwork says I gave blood.
Do I have grounds to have my case dismissed? I never had my blood taken only test they had me take was a breathalyzer test when I got pulled over. Everybody in the holding tank that got arrested for a DUI had their blood taken except me. Any advice?
Very interesting. What was your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) from your breath? If below 0.08%, but the...
Should I plead guilty to a second dui and driving on a suspended license or take it to court and het a public defender
Its my second dui. The first one was when I was 20 and now I'm 28.. My alcohol level was I believe twice the legal limit.. I have a job and I dnt wanna go to jail and lose it.. Could I possibly go to an AA class and maybe do community service instead of jail time???
You are ready to just plead guilty to the charge, but there might be something that a public defender can do for you.
If an officer fails to advise a driver of the right to refuse a PAS test during a DUI stop can the PAS results be suppressed?
Officer admitted during the DMV administrative per se hearing that he failed to give the required advisement under VC § 23612 subsection (i). Can my attorney successfully file a motion to suppress on this basis? Also, the officer admitted during the DMV admin hearing that he was writing a report and looking at his computer screen during the time he was supposed to be doing his 15 min observation prior to the breath test. How does this affect the weight of the evidence (.16 BAC). He claims he was within 3 feet and could hear that I did not belch or vomit even though he didn't have eyes directly on me.
Motion to suppress? NO> 402 motion to exclude? Possibly but it may not be granted. The court has held that the cop...
What are the laws on driving a car for practice before taking the road test?
I am 29 years old, and planning on taking the written/ road test with the DMV soon. I have never had a license in any state or a current learners permit. I have very little driving experience and know I must practice before taking a test, I just don't know exactly where to find the answer. The DMV website does not appropriately answer this question, so I must know if I can legally drive for practice purposes as long as a licensed driver sits with me and if I do need a permit or not?
Without being licensed, you cannot operate a motor vehicle on a public road.
Does this mean my bac was under .08?
I was pulled over for dui on July 4th, I blew a .087 and the officer wrote 23152 on the citation, not specifying section a or b. About 3 weeks after I got an amendment in the mail from chp changing it from 23152 to 23152 (a). Does this mean my bac was under the limit?
CHP is a law enforcement officer, and NOT a prosecutor. In such cases, CHP simply presents what he/she observed, in a...