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When does the 20 minute deprivation period begin?
I was arrested for DWI a couple days ago. Looked at the officers report, which states I was stopped "at approximately 0208." Given a quick field test then taken down the street for the IR8000. Report says they "verified the 20 minute deprivation period had passed." Copy of the test results I was given shows 2:16 and 2:17, respectively. I, after being unable to reach my personal physician, was not given an opportunity or guidance on how to obtain an independant blood draw. Was told "thats the reality of the situation." Was then immediately taken to booking. How is this legal?
It sounds liked you have some solid issues with your case. If your timeline is correct, it appears that the twenty...
I failed 2 interlock test probation 1 year what am I looking at?
What can I do to stay away from getting jail time? I'm keeping up with my classes my court fees and done with community service
You are looking at possible arrest for violation of probation, jail time or modification of probation.
Am i off the hook for dwi? It has been over a year and still no court date has been sent to me.
I got arrested on new years of 2013 and blew a .07. i was told paperwork for a court date would be coming in the mail and it would take about 3 months. it has now been over a year and i haven't received any paperwork or court date. Can i go get my license back? and if i had a warrant then they would have come and gotten me at school.
If you were arrested then the process was initiated, whatever may have happened since then. I would retain an...
How much might i receive from being hit my a drunk driver
She T boned me after running a stop sign and tried to flee the scene. I have been out of work for 3 weeks now and have lost a good paying client because of this
You should obtain representation from a local New Mexico personal injury attorney as soon as possible. As long as...
A drunk driver in front of me caused an accident to the car in front of him, i then rear ended him, why am i getting blamed?
he was immediately arrested and witnesses even agreed that this person was driving wrecklessly yet the insurance company is stating i am at fault. how can i prove otherwise?
Each driver is responsible for their own negligent conduct. Your insurance company should protect and defend you from...
Do I have a felony?
I was arrested for DWI in 2010 and served 2 days in jail. I was then taken to a Native American Tribal Court and was given a fine and community service which I finished. My driver's license is still suspended. A background check is being done at work and I wonder if this will affect my job.
Based on the very limited information you provided regarding ONE arrest for DWI in 2010, it does not appear that you...
Cited for mip, did not admit guilt, refused breathalyzer. No alcohol in possession. Officers proof was I smelled of alcohol and
Thank you for sharing your story. did you have a question your attorney could not answer after reviewing all the facts...