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I need a DUI attorney that can protect my nursing license.
08/05/15 I was arrested for a DUI by a park ranger. I had two 9.5% beers in a time period of 5 hours, had been fighting with my boyfriend and crying. When I was pulled over he asked me about my registration tag, it apparently had been pulled off of my license plate showing that my plates were expired. I was also asked if I had been drinking. The ranger in training, told me that he was going to issue 5 tests, I said ok, I went through two of them and then he asked me to do a breath test. After hearing about how those hand held breath tests aren't always maintained, I declined. They then told me that I would be taken down to the station and blood would be drawn. They took my blood at 2049 and I posted bail and left four hours later. I need a attorney that knows the BRN
I am dealing with the BRN in a nursing DUI case right now but I am in SF. I am sure that many of us on Avvo have dealt...
DUI even though i wasn't intoxicated.
So a few weeks ago, I got into an accident by hitting a tree. Air bags did deploy. Police came and did a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer. I have severe flat feet, so i did stumble a bit but bever fail and still passed everything, and even my breathalyzer blew a 0.0. He still arrested me, and now i'm awaiting court. i was not drinking or smoking weed or doig any kind of drugs that night or the last few nights so what happens now. What happens if they find trace of THC from a few weeks ago, (wasn't weed, it was a vape juice which contained a bit, took a small hit didnt get high)
You need to hire a good DUI attorney to evaluate this. The information you can gain on the internet will not be...
My girlfriend needs legal advice! She has been arrested for DUI
I saw my girlfriend earlier in the day and she looked and seemed fine. Later that night she was arrested for DUI. She was allegedly swerving but there is no video evidence. My girlfriend is innocent and she has been falsely accused. They claim she blew a 0.134 but that is not characteristic of my girlfriend. She has law blood sugar so that was probably why she was charged with DUI. Additionally she was not read her Maranda rights, so I believe that the case should be dismissed. She has been appointed a public defender but the public defender is not interested in representing her. I have tried to call the public defender about ten times but the public defender refuses to speak to me. I have not received a copy of the blood sample or police report. What should I do now?
You are not the client nor the defendant, so the public defender does not have to talk to you. And you have no right...
I have a public defender for my DUI case in California. She is professional but she loses patience with me.
She said she needs to hand over my emails addressed to her to the prosecutor as part of discovery. The main statement I made to her is a 2 page document that is very detailed of the night of my arrest - which I may say or may not in my testimony. I understand about the discovery, but is she required by law to submit all my statements like she claims? I feel an outline of my testimony to the DA would be sufficient? It seems odd to give everything for that gives the DA more preparation time for the cross examination to find holes? Thank you.
Something is not adding up. Generally, (outside of a few rare circumstances) any communication you have with your...
Can i expunge more than one conviction?
In a prior life, metophorically, I had 2 DUI in Fresno Cnty and 1 in Alameda. All probation, fines done. Now i want to clean up the past, so is it true that I can only file one 1203.4 to have one of these three charges dismissed? Please help me understandand.
I'm confused. Was your alleged prior life metaphorical or hypothetical? There's a huge difference. Here's what you...
Can I fight getting interlock device for 2nd dui being it wasnt alcohol related.? It was medication. BAC 00.
My DUI was from benzos (klonipin). They seem adamant on the interlock device? I didn't have a drop of alcohol in my system. BAC 00.00 Am I missing somthing here?
You need to speak to your lawyer in Sacramento about this.
How do I get my drivers license back from 2004 DUI
I completed the required program for DUI in CA in 2006 and paid by check to get my license back and sent w/ certify of completion, mailed it in to the Calif. DMV and haven't heard back about my license, everytime I go to the DMV to inquire, they say it's still suspended. I have the copy of the check they cashed, too - I need help getting my license back - could it be a clerical error ?
You can contact the DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento and ask them what else is needed to obtain your license....