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Can DYFS request a urine sample after I just provided one and had the results come back negative.
DYFS drug tested my husband. After his screen came back Negative he was told that the case was being closed. Now they are asking him to take another urine test.
Your husband has complied with their request already so, you can tell the judge that if it comes down to that. If his...
Can i take care of a dui in new jersey without me having to appear in court
Got a dui in new jersey. Now reside in florida. No way can i come to new jersey. But want to take care of this. If it is possible around how much will it cost
Very few courts will allow you to resolve it without coming to court. Further, you face serious consequences in both...
Is this an unlawful arrest? And what are the penalties to possession of alcohol by someone older than 18 but under 21?
My girlfriend and a friend were stopped by police and caught with possession of alcohol by a minor. They are over 18 but under 21. The police were about to arrest them and began to read her miranda rights. A friend of hers interrupted and they stopped. Then the police told the two girls to get in the squad car then took them to the police station. They were not booked, but instead were issued a summons. The whole experience took about an hour. Is this considered an arrest because they were deprived the liberty to leave, and were detained for an hour? Also what is the sentencing for possession of alcohol by a minor over 18 but under 21 outside of a motor vehicle. They also had fake id's but were not charged with them, but were not charged. Can they be charged if they fight the possession?
Nothing you post is wrong with the arrest. They are under 21 and cannot possess alcohol, 2C:33-15. It is a disorderly...
My drivers licence is suspected in new jersey during to a third DWI. Its been suspended since 2408also, can I petition courts
I am a single mother of 4children fromage 13 down to age 3, with a sickly mothere who's in her 70s which drives me back n forth to work. Some of my shifts start at 5; 30am.
There is no grounds to shorten the 10 years. You could petiton the MVC but i have never heard of this being successful.
What are the consequences of a summons for underage drinking & a summons for open container?
My son is 19 and received two tickets - underage drinking & open container. His cousin, who is 20 also received a summons but only for underage drinking NOT for open container, which in itself seems unfair. They were on the beach during the day in North Wildwood, NJ. They are both required to appear in court even if they plead guilty. What is the best course of action for dealing with the double charges?
I suggest a local criminal defense attorney. My guess is that one is an ordinance already. A plea to an ordinance would...
Does State v. Reiner work in reverse if 1st DWI was school zone but disposition was Not Guilty of (a) and Guilty of (g)
I had a DWI in 2009. I was issued 2 tickets 34:4-50(a) and 34:4-50(g). I was found guilty at trial, however my disposition shows Not Guilty-2 on the (a) and Guilty-1 on (g) only. I remember at trial the prosecutor complaining about this finding as in their opinion they should have been both marked Guilty. Forward to 2014, am I a first offender under 34:4-50(a)?
Yes. Subsection (g) includes the same elements as subsection (a). It is a conviction for drunk driving with the...
Do the cops NOT pursue DUI CHARGES it it's a minor accident?(Only driver was hurt)
The person was passed out drunk and smelled like alcohol when the police arrived. The person was sent in the ambulance to ER. The person's blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit, but police did not order the blood test. Cop called house when person was out and family member told cop what a great person driver is and that he hadn't been sleeping right and fell asleep driving. Family member was told No charges. Accident happened last week. Is the person not getting charged? Cops arrest people all the time for driving buzzed. Can a person passed out drunk in a car really get nothing?
It is within the discretion of the State whether to press charges