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  • Fort Oglethorpe Arrest Report For May 22-28

    Friday Jun 5 | via Chattanoogan.com 

    George Edward McCallie, 53, of 31 East Larry Circle, Ringgold was arrested May 22 on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while license suspended, leaving the scene of an accident and open container. Demarkio Lavonte Suttles, 20, of 2103 East 26th Street, Chattanooga was arrested May 22 for driving without a license.


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  • Gym Theft Suspect Sought in Dalton, Ringgold

    Friday Jun 5 | via WTVC 

    Authorities in Dalton and Ringgold are asking citizens to be on the lookout for a man who has stolen wallets and credit cards from area gyms in the past month. A post on the Ringgold Police Department's Facebook page says in May, the man entered The Rock Fitness Gym on Battlefield Parkway under the name, "Mike King."


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Ringgold Law

My son is on 12 month probation for DUI and driving on a suspended license. Has served approximately 6 of those 12 months.
He was also given 20 hours of CS and ordered to go to DUI school and find out about getting his license back. He has now violated his probation by not doing his CS nor DUI and seeing about getting his license back. He was also arrested for simple battery several months ago and was told only today that he was in violation of probation. Will he serve any time required in jail or prison?
Your son needs a lawyer. It would be best to have one before the violation hearing. Jail time is certainly possible...
Can they charge me with a DUI in the courtroom when I go to court to pay the other fines? I'm a first offense on all charges.
Hello. Last year I got in trouble for the very first time in my life. I had a fiance who was cheating on me, and I got really angry. I was sending nasty emails to her and left her several nasty messages,too. She had me arrested for terroristic threats and acts. When I went to court it was dropped to a "harassing phone calls" charge. I got 12 months probation and have to attend anger management courses. That was in Jan 2013, So fast forward to a few weeks ago. I took two xanax and I lay down for a nap. Suddenly, I woke up in my car in a ditch. I don't remember anything that happened. The gave me tkts for Weaving, no insurance, no registration And leaving the scene. That last one gave me a probation violation. I didn't get a DUI, but they apparently took some blood at the ER.
What kind of consequences can I expect for my first DUI charge?
I was stopped at a roadblock, arrested, and informed that i was being charged with driving under the influence when I got to the station. At the station, I blew a .112. I am a first time offender and after talking with the bondsman and giving him the details of my arrest, he informed me that there was a possibility that the charge might be reduced to reckless driving. I don't know how reliable his word is but I was wondering if he could be right. If he's not, what kind of consequences am I in for? Any advice would be appreciated.
If this was in the Ringgold area, contact attorney Ralph Hinman. He is a top notch DUI lawyer. If elsewhere, contact...
DUI Daughter was not in car driving
Daughter was on way home 3:45am. Car broke down and she was standing outside the car when the Police pulled up.The keys were in her pocket. She tryed to tell them a friend left her there to go and get help they called her a lier. Her and her friend was not thinking or she would of walk to a phon cause her phone was dead and she was drunk.We also live in a small town Rossville Ga.So she is dealing with a 1st DUI
What's your question? You didn't ask one.
I go to court on Thursday for a DUI..I have never been in trouble before, can I get a restricted license if they take mine?
I was not pulled over for swerving, my ex husband called on me while I was at his house. I have kids that need to get to school and back and to school sports. I also need to drive to and from work. Is there any advice I can get? Can I ask for a court appointed attorney when I go?
You can, but with a seemingly close case like this, I'd hire an attorney if at all possible. Good luck!
Can you get a hardship license if my license are taken from a DUI? I have kids that need a way to and from school..activities?
This is my first time ever in any type of trouble. I wasn't pulled over for swerving, my ex husband called on me at his house. What can I do?
When you say "taken from a DUI" do you mean from a DUI plea, or because you refused to submit to a breath test?
I have a Warrant for Probation Violation in Georgia. Its for a DUI I need to turn myself in. So how do I go about doing this?
I have completed hrs . of community service . I have completed a Drug and Alcohol Assessment which also had to complete a 12 week Drug and Alcohol class . Also completed DUI school . I have paid about $ 1500 of a $ 3000 total fine . I was on a 3 year probation . This happened on 9 / 11 / 2011 . The warrant was issued in October of 2012 . It was issued because I did not call in . And still have not called to this day . If I could have paid $ 500 . more by 9 / 11 / 2012 , then they would have let me off two more years of probation and a 1000 . 00 . What is the best thing for me to do ? Lost my job at Waffle House June 2012 was told not to come back until I got my panic attacks under control . Whats your advice ?
You should consult with a local criminal defense attorney. Most offer free consultations and are happy to discuss a...