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Can I be charged for possession or distribution after I got a dui and a child endangerment arraignment?
I got caught with narcotics while driving my 8 month old daughter so I got taken to jail for dui and child endangerment
Yes. They are separate offenses and under different criminal statutes. You may have defenses. Talk to a...
I was convicted of my first dui offense and served 5 days in jail, vasap, ignition interlock, 1 year restricted, and 550 fines
I have completed all tasks but am still with a restricted license and ignition interlock. I have 3 months left but just failed my second breath test. My first was .026 and second was .025. My case is being sent back to court, what consequences am I facing and should I hire a lawyer?
You could get more jail time. Interlock violations will not please the court. Your original attorney will have the...
When are you able to get a restricted license ?
My lawyer told me at court that I got charged with refusel of breath test, and dui 1st. He said I can't drive for 2 years, in a year I can do vasap. I'm in Couseling with an alcoholic/drug cousuler now volunteerly went on my own. If my couseler provides papers that I went there and completed her program can that reduce my time with vasap?
The license suspension for a 1st offense DUI and for a 1st offense Refusal is 1 year for each. Those suspensions run...
What is involved in vasap classes ?
I was charged with dui and refusel of breath test. I have asthma so I couldn't breath enough air for the machine so they charged me with refusel or had to spend time in jail. I lost lincese for 2 years but since my first year ends in November I just want to prepare myself for the next step
The asthma may have been a defense but it is too late for that issue. Refusal the first time for a first offense dui...
Why does vasap take 2 separate different types of mouth swabs during intake
Just had intake at vasap.Had 2 swabs 1 for them and 1 for lab. have been hearing that means a positive test however I know I shouldn't have couldn't have a POS.result
Best to ask the intake people why as you have not provided enough info to venture a guess, or better yet ask your lawyer.
Do i have to attend i.o.p classes for my subxone doctor im on my second strike
I go o a suboxen doc i tested postive for alcohol today and. Do not drink period ive read numerous things that could cause this false postive but i did not drink the day befor i take a pee test thats just stupid shes making me attend these classes when i already attend 3 na classes a week... She says its to knock my strikes off my record ive only had 2 strikes in 4 years of goin to this place what is a i.o.p amd is there a way out of it
I am changing the practice area of your question from civil rights to DUI to try to help you get an answer.
Will I be violated before being convicted of a DUI charge I got while on probation through vasap?
I was placed on probation through vasap in Christiansburg September 2016. The case got taken under advisement and after a year and completeing 100hours of community service and paying my fines my record would stay dry. I think it is called a first offender program. I got a DUI at the end of October and was in jail for 5 days before my grandfather would bond me out. I had an intake appointment November 2nd but I was in jail. Vasap rescheduled the appointment for Dec. 9th automatically without me contacting them. I go to court for the DUI on January 23rd, 2017. I called the vasap office and told a case manager that I got the DUI and she said I could be violated before I was convicted but everyone else I've spoke with said the oppisite. She also wasn't the case manager that would be handing the violation. I'm wondering if it's possible that they violate me before I get convicted of the DUI? Is there a chance that I get violated and a warrant for my arrest goes out and I go to jail until however long?
"Violated" means many things. For many, when a probation tells the court that you may have screwed up your...