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I got a dui for having drugs in my system i had a prior aggravated dui 14yrs ago there using that against me how can they?
Im a felon and there tryin to give me 4 and a half years. Thats crazy!!!!
If they are trying to give you 4.5 years as a plea agreement that means you have at least two prior felonies and you...
I believe I am being harrassed by YCSO. What do I do about it?
I was born and raised is Prescott valley AZ, and I spent the majority of my teenage life locked up and in institutions starting at 14. I have now been released from Perry ville( I was wrongfully sent to prison) on March 5th and have been living in Tucson AZ, I came back to visit on the 4th of July. Starting 20miles from yavapi county I have been pulled over or stopped by the cops 11 times. 2 times I was stopped by the K-9 (with nothing found in the car) I was followed once for 20 minutes before being pulled over for "suspended license plate". I have filed a complaint for excessive unneciary force being used during one stop. I also have called and reported harassment when being followed. Is this harrasment or bad luck?
I feel for you but it may just be bad luck. You mention that you filed a complaint for excessive force, keep in mind...
How Can I Defend A Police Report That Isn't True On A DUI..??
Was Parked in A Shopping center parking lot For Several Hours After Consuming Alcohol And Got A DUI..I Received A Copy Of The Arrest Report And The Officers Said That The Motor Was Running When It Absolutely Was Not.! Is It Their Word Against Mine.? They Are Liars.! How Do I Defend This.? Your Response Is Appreciated..Tks.
Police report will almost certainly not be part of your trial. Your lawyer can call the police as witnesses. Their...
Extreme DUI Parked At A Shopping Center.
I Was Traveling , Camping In My Van When I Decided To Get Some Alcohol And Stop For The Night In A Parking Lot As There Was Other R.V.ers There. ..I Had Already Been Parked For A Few Hours And I Climbed From The Back To The Front Seat To Turn On The Radio And Check My Phone After Consuming The Alcohol , And Next Thing I Know I Had The Cops At My Window..( I Was Laying Back With My Eyes Closed ) The Motor Cold To The Touch..i Had Blankets , Camping Equipment , Cooler Etc., And Told Them I Was Staying In My Van For The Night As I Just Drove A Few Hundred Miles...I Was Never Observed Driving And Dont Feel They Had Probable Cause...They Gave Me An Extreme...Can I Beat This.?
You have some good facts in your case. Your chances in this case will likely get much better if you have a lawyer...
I have 1 prior and the presumptive is 4.5?
I dont see how they can use it from 14yrs ago
read ARS 13-105 (22). This is what the legislature decided: "Historical prior felony conviction" means: (a) Any...
Can I have the interlock portion of my DUI sentencing dismissed?
I got a DUI 7 years ago. I upheld all of my sentence but because my car was auctioned after I was unable to retrieve it from the impound lot, I was unable to fulfill the interlock device portion of the sentence. It has been 7 years and I have been trying to get ahead of my responsibilities enough to be able to afford the interlock device but I can not afford it along with the cost of insurance and registration. I am not qualified to make enough money to support this, especially because I can not drive! I have heard that sometimes you can get your case dismissed or deferred, or that sometimes they will consider the sentence fulfilled after one year of suspended license if the defendant has no car. I remember that there was a form to that effect when I was going through hearings but at that point I expected to be able to get my car from the impound lot so I did not submit it within the 30 day limit. I feel like I've more than paid for my crime and I feel like I'm being punished for my income level. I have a 2 year old and it is increasingly difficult to do daily work without being able to drive. Is there any way to get this portion of the sentence dismissed?
You can motion the court.. it may be denied but the cost of hiring an attorney to write that motion will be more than...
In2008 i got a agg.dui in az i did 3.5 yrs for it ?and all my fines are payed how do i get my license back after all these trs
I did prision time for my first agg.dui i blew a .09 in arizona and didnt know my license was suspended do to a trafic ticket i got a few mnths earlyer that yr when i totalled my car ,was cited for failor to controll my vehicle to avoid an accident.never recieved any notifation of that suspension and i thought it was some joke their were no others involved and i was not drinking .then i get stopped later that yr after fishing all day .and blew a .09 how do i get my driving privileges reinstated
Go to the MVD and get a revocation package. You have to clear up anything else that is keeping it suspended, then do...