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Can you be charged if someone reports you as drunk driving but you arent and didnt get pulled over?
my friend was at a place, bought a drink bought someone a drink as well they watched him consume it. he was having a very bad day and made a derogatory comment to someone and went to leave the place but they followed him and said theyre calling him in if he drives. they were really angry and he believes they might be trying to get him in trouble because of the comment made. everything was on camera hes fairly certain. if he did in fact drive, but was not intoxicated and was not pulled over can a witness(s) still get him into trouble by simply stating he was intoxicated? he has extremely bad anxiety as it is and is very worried this person will try to get him in trouble. He wants to know if he should even be concerned about this or consider further consulting a lawyer.
I'm quite certain that no charges will be filed. Without results of a chemical test (breath or blood), chances of...
Can a complaint be filed if a female is conducting urine drug tests on make probtioners?
My husband is on probation for dui and he has to call and take random drug tests weekly. There is only a female that works at the place he has to report to for his drug screens. She watches him take his drug screen? Is that legal? Most places even inside the prisons make sure that the same gender conducts the urine drug screens.
Yes a complaint can be filed but generally speaking it's their job to watch you.
Can a judge or probation officer tell you that you're not allowed to take narcotic pain medication?
I've gotten 3 dui's while being on pain medication. They have suspended my drivers license for 5 years in which I still cannot drive for 3.5 years. I have chronic lower back issues in which I still need 1-2 more surgeries. My probation officer is filing a probation violation because I took medication that was prescribed to me and is going to leave it up to the judge as to whether I get sent back to prison or not. Who have either one a medical degree in deciding who is in the right?
Repeat post. Please review prior answer, which was fairly detailed. You have obviously convinced your PO that you...
How does the judge make the decision between drug court or prison?
Is there anything they look for or analyze? What are the variables?
Judge's normally do not make this kind of decision. Drug court is normally a branch of the criminal justice system and...
I was convicted of a DUI in 2012. Can I appeal that conviction or am I past the time to appeal.
I was at home ready to go to bed, I took ambian sleep aid as well had a nightcap. Unknowingly I got into a vehicle and rolled my vehicle. I believe I fell asleep as it was at very low speeds. Last thing I remember I was sitting on my coach and now I am in a car that has just rolled and the dust is settling. Now I'm fully aware of what's going on and that I'm probably in some trouble. I contacted local LEO and was subsequently arrested and charged with DUI and convicted. In Idaho if there is no intent to commit a crime then you are not supposed to be charged or convicted and there is some case law in Idaho and several other states where the same thing occured and they were found not guilty. My attorney did not look into that and simply focused that I was over the legal limit and I should plead guilty. This whole ordeal has ruined a great and honorable profession for me and I would like to look at the possibility of making an appeal. Please help!!
In every state I am aware of time for appealing a criminal conviction is a matter of days/weeks. Your best option is to...
What if it is your 2nd dui in 17 years can you be kick out of the military?
husband has been in military for 20 years he got a 2 dui last year, they came yesterday and told him he was released from military because if this 2nd one
Call a military attorney to see if an appeal is possible........................................
Pulled over for no mudflaps inquired if anyone in the vehicle had been drinking passenger admitted to being drinking driver was
Pulled over for no mudflaps inquired if anyone in the vehicle had been drinking passenger admitted to being drinking driver was removed from vehicle and passed all field sobriety test driver was then handcuffed and other officers with dogs came in and search the vehicle driver and sis did not have any illegal substance or paraphernalia yet officer claims to have found it in vehicle Driver is the rest to take it into the police station and a detective or somebody I'm certified to evaluate whether under the influence of illegal drug methamphetamine concluded that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or methamphetamine the expert was removed from the room by the arresting officer and when they came back they demanded a blood test against the drivers will driver was charged with DUI it seems to me like this is not legal the way this traffic stop was handled and what the result was please help any advice is appreciated
It is obvious that you need a local criminal defense attorney. H/she will have access to Discovery, will be able to...