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Can someone be charged with failure to blow when DUI charges were dropped by police and charged was never seen driving?
Car was found off main road on railroad tracks. Charged was found outside of the car. He never denied drinking but did deny that he was driving. He said that driver went off to get some help. Refused breathalyzer test. Arrested and jailed overnight, released on bond. About 6 months later, the case was dropped by the magistrates office. No reason given. Bail bond returned in full. Charged had a FL drivers license at the time. Recently went to get a SC driver's license (over a year after incidence) and was told it was suspended for failure to blow. Charged does not remember being informed of 30 days and no paperwork was ever sent to home.
"Charged" has to pay a reinstate fee for failure to comply with the implied consent laws of this state. Even though the...
Can they mail a dui even if they let me drive away
I pulled off the side of a dirt road to let a game warden pass, he stopped his truck and started asking us questions i told him i had a few beers but i drank 3 beers early that afternoon and didnt drink anymore it was already 9;00 at night. He gave me a field test with a flashlight and told me i was not that bad and told me get in my truck and drive back home.
This does sound unusual. You would be well advised to retain a criminal defense attorney, as if you were not given a...
How do you transfer DUI charges from Colorado to South Carolina and how soon?
My daughter lives in Colorado had first offence DUI Dec 2015. Unfortunately has 8 classes left due to financial problems. Now she finds herself homeless and needs to move to South Carolina with me.
You cannot do that. The criminal justice system is not set up for the convenience of the accused.
I missed a court date for DUI by less than a month, because I just moved and didn't change my address with the court in time.
I had a car accident in April of 2014. While at the hospital somehow the office found out I take prescription pain medicine. I was charged with DUI and blood was drawn. I went to my first court date that was on the ticket. The results of the blood test were not back. The case was put on hold till they come back. Six months later I went and checked on the case and was told the test where still not back, so six or so months later I checked again. The test where still not back. I moved in July of 2016. The accadent was over 2 years ago at that point. I went to the DMV to have my address changed on my license and was told that they had been supended. The trial was in September of 2016. I can't find any information about the blood test. I had not taken any pain medicine the day of the accident. It had been almost 17 hours since I had any. I was not under the influence at all. I applied for an appeal, but have not heard anything about it yet. I got a letter today saying that I have to either pay $100.00 or turn my licenses in by 12/18. I have never been in any trouble at all and don't feel that the mistake of not changing my address in time should ruin my life. Please help!!
I suggest you hire a criminal defense attorney that deals with DWI/DWI, as unless you understand criminal procedure and...
Will I be able to get a ticket case for a DUI continued?
I recently had an accident involving only myself, and was ticketed for a DUI. I don't have the money to pay the hefty ticket right now. What are the chances a lawyer will be able to get the case continued for a while until I can get the money together?
You do not want to go it alone on a DUI. You would be well advised to hire a criminal defense attorney who handles DUI,...
When Someone Gets A 30 Day Sentence In Court In One County But Got Locked Up In Another County The Same Or Next Day
What Happens When Someone Gets A 30 Day Sentence In Court In One County But Got Locked Up In Another County The Same Or Next Day. The Person Served 3 To 4 Months In The County He Went To But Didn't Get A Chance To Serve The 30 Days In The Other County Where He Was Sentence. Will The Other County Be Notified In The System That He Was Released Or Will They Say Time Served For That Other County As Well.
Your question is a bit difficult to follow in terms of facts. He or she may have to serve time in the other county, as...
DUI reduced to reckless driving.
I'm a nurse that was charged with dui with hopes that I can get it reduced to reckless driving. I read in a previous post that this is only a traffic violation and not a criminal offense. Is this correct and it will not show up on a background check.
Depending on how the background check is run, this may certainly show up. I would advise a criminal defense lawyer who...