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DUI license revoked
I have 3 duis . My license is revoked and I've accumulated 16 points. When and if I can get my license back? It's been 1year and a half since the cop took my license and issued a temporary one. I did not go to the hearing. Thank you
You need to get the points total down which will probably just take time. It takes 3 years for points to come off....
Can you apply and obtain a fire arm license and curry a conciliated weapon while on unsupervised probation?
I live in the state of Maryland, i would like to know if you can apply for a fire arm license while on unsupervised probation, i got a misdemeanor for a false report and put on probation for 15 months and i had some community survive to do. I had finished my hours within a week and once i finished i got put on unsupervised probation. That was well over 6 months ago now. I would like to know if i can get a license to carry? I have never been in any trouble besides this false report.
If the maximum penalty for the offense that you were on probation is more than a year, then federal law would likely...
Do i need an lawyer for my DWI
I was parked in a parking lot car still running and police knocked on my window and told me to step out car they found my BAC was high and took me to station once i got there they processed me which took like 10 mins and i took the BAC test agian and i passed it i did have my two minor kids in car with me
If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI, then you need a lawyer. You said you passed the breathalyzer test at the...
I have to turn myself into jail in carlisle pa to do ten days for reckless endangerment but dont have transportation from Balto.
I don't have transportation to get to carlisle pa from Baltimore
You need to consult with an attorney in Pennsylvania to discuss this issue since the case is in Pennsylvania. You can...
Can a narcotics task force agent still be on active duty with open drug charges against him
There is a task force agent on the force where im from that has openly admitted to using narcotics and was caught red handed using plus has multiple drug charges against himself. Im wondering how he is still on active duty leading the narcotics tasks force on every drug bust in the town.
yes he can and yes its a question for his employer to answer happens all the time.
Does the judge HAVE TO grant u At least one 8505
Need to know if I'm entitled to a 8505 drug program At least one time
Your question pertains to a request for an evaluation to determine if you are drug dependent and can benefit from...
Dui in MD with PA license but I travel all over MD for my job. How can keep my driving privileges in MD without blow and go?
PA driver's license arrested for Dui in Bmore County. Had Dui in PA in 1999 (satisfied probation in March '01), so wouldn't necessarily lose license in home state, but I work extensively in MD (territory manager for my company), so loss of MD driving privileges for even 90 days would prevent me from maintaining my employment.
I am not aware of any way to get the ignition interlock without a Maryland license. You could fight the MVA hearing if...