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What should I do about my outstanding DUI?
I got a DUI in Colorado two years ago that hasn't been taken care of. There is a warrant out for my arrest. I am now living in California and this is my third DUI. If continue not to do anything about it and wait to get caught what should I expect to happen to me? Also if I did want to fix this whole situation how would I go about doing it?
If you wait to get caught, the warrant could be outstanding for a minimum of about 7 years up to forever. DUI warrants...
How long can they have you on a tail on a dui?
I have a friend that got a dui and they gave him a 5 year probation tail here in Colorado . I have heard that the law has changed to they can keep you only for 2 yeares is this true?
No clue what a probation tail is be interested to see what co lawyers say.
Is it possible to get a dui removed from your record to get a job ?
Lets say that I have good time under my belt . I have also proved that I have had help with alcolhism can i get a dui removed from my record? How much woukd it cost and what is the process?
Unfortunately, a DUI can never be removed from your record. The statute specifically states this. Sorry.
What can I do to lessen my pending DUI charge?
A few nights ago, I was out with a friend at a bar. I had 5 beers in the span of 4 hours. I got behind the wheel of my car, and while making a left hand turn, had to avoid some dividers in the road, and veered slightly into the wrong lane for a moment. I was pulled over moments later for this traffic violation, where the cop asked me where I was coming from. I told him the name of the bar. He asked if I'd been drinking, and I said no. He told me of my violation, then after checking my license and registration, had me perform some sobriety tests. I guess I failed, because then he told me he thinks I'd been drinking, and told me to be honest. I told him I'd had a few beers. He asked if I would do a blood test, or a breathalyzer test. I choose a blood test. He handcuffed me, and we went to the hospital for the blood test. I then went to the police station, and sat in the jail cell for awhile. He did not revoke my license. I have a court date for late June, and I guess we are simply waiting for the results of the blood test. I have no criminal record at all, and this is the first time this has ever happened. I am very worried.
There is no need to be worried, but you should sit down with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case....
What is the outcome if i have a cwaf for a dui in massachusettes and a conviction of a dui in colorado?
I had a cwaf in Mass but i sucessfully completed it and it was dismissed. Six years later( like two days ago i got arrested for a dui ) I now have a conviction of a dui in CO. I thought it would count as my 2nd offense but when i got arrested i was treated as a first offense. I didnt need to bond out. Also i sighned a paper saying it was my first offense .
The issue is whether it would come up in the system or not, so speak to representation
Are their lawyers out there that will make a payment plan after helping a client with a dui case?
I got a dui in colorado and a cwaf in massachusettes . Im a independent college student which means im so broke . Any suggestions ? Also i have no family support .
You should repost your question in the "criminal defense" or "DWI section." Realistically, you will need to just call...
I got a ticked for a DUI but the police never saw me drive...or in the car..or with the keys. Is there be way it'll stick?
They gave me a ticket for a dui but I wasn't even in or near my car and they never seen me in it and I also never saw me with the keys even. Went to hospital to shower so was parkrd in garage for a while. They wer originally called due to a disturbancefighting...my boyfriend and I got into a verbal fight while walking out of the hospital to car after shower then sat in car for like an hour talking. I then went inside to pee..bf wondered were I went so he got out to see..10 min later I come back out to see the cops there...bf following 3 min later. I see 2 cops by my car all walking around it... I didn't realize they were at my car until it was too close and they saw me and asked if it was my car. And I said yea. And my car was locked and my keys were mixed in all my laundry in the back seat....I had accidentally locked them in car. They asked for ID And I said it was in car And then realised I didn't have keys And car was locked. Window was cracked barley though and they made me basically break in my car for my ID. And they wanted me to give a blood test. And I refused cuz I thought it was all just Bullshit from the beginning..they found no drugs or alcohol either.
It sounds like you have a defense to the charges if you have a decent attorney. If you decide to act as your own...