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Had dui in ill 20 yrs ago did classes payed fine? Move out to ca. Been here over 20 yrs. Went to renew licence ill. Blocked
I did all requirements don't know why they stopped my renewal i don't live in that state. For long time. I tryed to get paperwork but after 7 yrs they shread class paperwork. I sent 150.00 to them they kept cash told me to show proff of class and send 150.00 again. They dont reply they have no right to stop my driving privelegs when i did what they asked 20 yrs ago. I have not been back to that state sence i left long ago. I need licence for job and cant afford to keep sending them 150. And they keep it without reinstating my privelegs. Please help Ronnald Hoffie [email protected]
So if I understand correctly you got a DUI 20 plus years ago and completed all the requirements. But you never got...
In California on PRCS my ex just got his 4th violation for a DUI. What will happen?
Post Release Community Service
Since your ex is probably still on probation for his 3rd it is likely he will be remanded (taken into jail) if he is...
Can I ask the CA DMV to issue a waiver for the cost of 2nd offense DUI classes that I never took ten years from the offense?
First DUI 1999, fees paid class completed, SR22 obtained and license reissued. Second DUI 2007, 10yr not taken or registered for classes.
The CA DMV doesn't issue fee waivers, that would be something you would have to work out with the program. If you are...
I live in CA and I have a suspended license is it illegal to drive with your child in the car on a suspended license
Got a DUI hired a lawyer but I still need to get my child to and fro places
Not smart. You will face additional charges.
Can i still try for a wet wreckless instead of dui if a wreck was involved. I struck a tree but no one else was involved?
I swerved to avoid hitting a dog and i over corrected and struck tree. I passed field sobriety test but they took blood and found trace of meth. If convicted this would be first dui. With striking the tree am i still eligible for a wet wreckless?
That is a decision only the prosecutor can make. The police report and the negotiations by your attorney will...
I was arrested for a dui, im wondering if it is on my record
I was arrested on september 2016 for a dui, i went to court but all they gave me was another date to go back and return with a lawyer, I havent plead guilty or had trial. Im applying for a job and it asks if i have committed a crime, Im not sure whether to say yes or no because i dont know if my dui is on record yet. Please help
If it is asking if you have been convicted you can say no. I would double check to make she the case has not been...
DMV suspends driving privileges for 1 year due to refusal .02 BAC. Can the administrative hearing be successfully challenged?
An arrest took place in August 2016 for suspicion of driving under the influence. The individual refused a breath and blood test initially; however, complied with a blood draw once a warrant was issued. The CA DMV is now looking at suspending the driving privileges for 1 year due to a refusal. The Supreme Court ruling in Birchfield vs. North Dakota has stated it is a violation of the 4th amendment to draw a person's blood without a warrant. Pull over was with cause (minor speeding). Arresting officer read rights, etc. Blood test has come back at .02 DMV is looking to suspend driving privileges for 1 year because of a refusal. any thoughts?
A refusal and a warrant are two different legal situations. In your case, the DMV is moving forward with the refusal,...