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Getting my license reinstated after a DWI in NH
I got a DWI in NH and then moved to New York shortly after going through court. I had to complete a 20 hour class =, which I did while living in New York. I'm required to get an SR-22 in NH to have them re-instate my license. How does this work if I'm living in New York?
You need to apply for reinstatement of license in New Hampshire because NY will not give you a license if your out of...
How can I beat this DUI charge
I left my Debit Card at a gas station pump in Harrison, New York and returned almost two hours after closing to search for it. I found it but as I was returning to my car a police officer arrived and asked me why I was in a closed gas station, when I replied that i was looking for a lost debit card, he asked me if I lived in the area and where I was from, and shined his flashlight at me. He asked me to turn the car off and called for back up, they asked me to search my car and found a small amount of marijuanna. They arrested me and charged me with DUI, however I was not charged with possession of marijuana nor I did not take a blood test. I was also outside of the car when they arrived. What can I do?
There may be a suppression issue regarding asking to search the car. Hire a good criminal defense lawyer.
What should I expect from the DMV after being acquitted of a DWI?
Months back I was charged with a DWI and I have recently been acquitted of that charge. I'm going to the courthouse soon to obtain my certificate of disposition and head to the DMV after. What should I expect ? Will I get my license back that day? Will they still make me pay fees?
If you didn't refusal the chemical test (usually breath), you should be able to immediately get your full driving...
Will I be denied for an TLC license if I had a DUI in nj.
7 month ago I got a DUI in the state of nj, I have a ny state license wich as of now doesn't reflect on my records of having any ofence. My concern is, will TLC will not consider my application for this out of state ofence.
1st, Your NJ lawyer could better answer the question of whether NJ will share that info with NY or whether it's shared...
What is the general jail time served for a felony dwi that is dropped to a misdemeanor if chosen not to take up to 3 years prob?
The second dwi in 5 years is a felony that is being reduced to a misdemeanor. I'm looking into the ratio of times served so I'm not wasting my life living on probation rules considering I'm planing to leave the state way before 3 years time. Is there any way to know what the range of jail time is vs. The 3 years probation time?
The maximum sentence for a misdemeanor DWI (an unclassified misdemeanor) is up to 1 year in county jail.
Will my security guard license renewal be denied? Is there anything I can do?
I was arrested for criminal possession of marijuana. I received a marijuana ACD for 12 months and I need to renew my guard license. It was my first time ever being arrested.
You can do 1 of 2 things - pay a lawyer to do the legal research and give you an answer, or make the application and...
Can undocumented immigrant get a drivers licence in ny?
i am undocumented and i need to find out if i can get a licence to drive.
No- New York State DMV requires individuals to prove identification based upon a point system. The documents required...