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I am not sure what will happen now. Will I go back to court or will my time just restart? Also am i facing jail time?
I received a DUI - 2nd in 2013. I have completed my ASAP probation and my court probation. 6 months before my ASAP probation I was told I had to have the interlock in for a year. I recently just violated for the second time. My car battery was dying as well.
Without knowing the details of your actual sentence and probation, it's likely that you could face jail time from any...
How long does a 1st offense DUI stay on your record?
Happened in henrico county. Richmond, Virginia
Virginia does not allow convictions to be removed from your record so it will be on your criminal record permanently.
What will happen to me if I get pulled over while driving on a restricted license out of my restrictions?
In va
You'll get in lots of trouble. For starters, you will be charged with driving while revoked under 18.2-272. It's a...
Can I personally see a dash cam recording?
About 6 weeks ago, I was pulled over for swerving. The officer had me exit the vehicle and perform several alcohol-related tests. I am disabled and told the officer before any tests that I could not (ever) do them. The entire night was very strange and the officer did not conduct himself according to protocol (if not LAW). I was provided with a PD and a Request for Discovery was made for the recording, which the police Dprt. said they have. After 6 weeks, finally yesterday my PD says she reviewed the recording, and presented me with a transcript which is almost-completely false. I told the PD I personally want the recording. I fear something shady is going on, but cannot afford my own attorney. Advice?
Your counsel who is your eyes and ears reviewed the recording. counsel can request that the recording be reviewed again...
What penalties and/or jail time come w/ "Driving on Suspended License" if I have 2 prior DUI convictions?
I have two DUIs (within 5 years) and a Reckless Driving Charge (within 1 year). I haven't completed ASAP yet to get my license back, but plan to.
You should hire an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options. I would suspect that the prosecutor will want...
I was convicted of a DWI, refusal of blood test on Jan.30,2012. Can a judge suspend asap if incarcerated for years?
I was basically pulled by the same officer everytime he saw me. I always passed his sobriety test until he pulled me at 230am and he failed me for not following his finger. I passed all the other tests. He was aware of the medication I took and arrested me for dwi of prescription drugs. At the time I had to have medical reports yearly for dmv and I still had a valid license. Due to my criminal record my attorny told me I couldn't fight it because I would not win. The officer has been taken off patrol and sits at a desk because of harrassment with other people. I spent 4 years in prison for other charges and I don't feel like I should have to complete asap. I did jail time and I've been in treatment.
You've learned a valuable lesson: you can't win if you don't fight. But on to your question regarding VASAP....
Hi dis my 2nd time getting caught driving on ah suspended license... Do u think they will lock me Up?
Even if dididn't pay on my old fines will they lock me Up?
Many 2nd offense driving while suspended or revoked result in some jail time, especially if it is DUI related. The...