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I have a court order that my ex can not drink during his visits with my daughter but every time she comes home she tells me about his cooler with his bottle of liquor and mixer that he carries in his vehicle. I have called the police, lawyers, judges, etc.... I don't have another $4,000 to pay a lawyer again right now but I need to protect my daughter. How can I get some one to talk to her and protect her?
You must file a contempt against the ex, You can do this pro se. If your daughter is able to testify this evidence...
My ex has supervised visitation every other weekend at his grandparents house. However, no one has been supervising him like they are supposed to. Also, the car seat he has for our oldest daughter (2 years) has no buckles so he just wraps the car seatbelt over her waist. He called me one day and she opened the door to the car while he was driving because she was out of her car seat. He dropped her off one day and she was in the front seat, not buckled in. He's also partied when he was supposed to have the girls. I have evidence of emotional and physical abuse as well as a drinking problem, He recently got a DUI. So, what could happen if I bring this to the courts attention? I'm terrified for the safety of my girls.
You should file a petition to modify or suspend his visitation rights. The court would most likely require the use of a...
I was dropped off by a designted driver I can't find the taxy company that drooped me off,But I have witness that heard and saw i was dropped off !
You can listen to your lawyer's advice.
I was approached by a cop while sitting in my car(keys out of ignition safely parked on a side street) , the police office said he smelled a strong odor of alcohol and asked me to perform roadside test's but I refused and instead was arrested and had my blood drawn. I went to my arraignment (didn't plea and charges not filed) and was told I would receive a letter if charges are filed by the da...I have checked with the county clerk and still no filed charges or loss of license(no dmv hearing) and i'm just wondering if it's normal to wait this long for formal charges? my attorney told me to just wait and i'm doing just that. Also no blood test results yet.
No it is not normal to wait this long for a DUI Accusation to be filed. The DA/Solicitor has 2 years to file an...
I have a DUI in another state in 2005. I am facing a current DUI in GA and they are trying to make it 2 in 10yrs instead of 1st in 10yrs. Doesn't Georgia law count second in 10 years for anything after 2008 or is it prior arrests also?
It will be your 2nd in 10 years if you plea or get convicted. No getting around this. You most likely need to speak...
I received a Second DUI in GA because it was in a 10 year period. I want to seal the 1st DUI in NV because they allow that within a 5yr period. to make sure that doesn’t affect the outcome of the most recent received in the state of GA.
My guess is that you will not be able to seal the DUI in NY, now that you have a pending charge elsewhere. I'd suggest...
Isn't it true that if I hire a lawyer ,the lawyer will negotiate and get me into the DUI program and doing community service. But I can do this myself. I don't need a lawyer to get into a DUI program especially for my first time DUI. IF I hire a lawyer I just end up paying a big lawyer's fee.
There is no "DUI program" on a first DUI in Gwinnett, or any other Georgia County for that matter. If you want really...