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In the state of CA, are you allowed to solicit recent DUI arrests via phone or is it strictly jail mail?
I recently had a friend get arrested and she keeps getting calls about hiring an attorney for a DUI. Is this allowed?
Direct solicitations via phone are generally prohibited.
I get DUI ticket, I went to the court and nothing is under my name or record yet, what i can do now? I have commercial DL.
I have clean record, no accident, and is my first DUI ticket. I went to the DMV to get duplicated DL, and they going to send me that in 2 week. Nothing show in DMV, about my dui ticket yet. How long I need to wait, to see what going to happen with my case. Thanks.
DMV and Court are separate. If the police took your license you are suspended immediately even though the information...
My boyfriend was arrested for DUI with an accident/injuries. First offense.
He was attempting to make an illegal u-turn and slowed to approximately 35 miles per hour and was hit from behind. A total of five cars were involved in the accident. I don't think that he should be charged with 100 percent of the accident as the person behind him was clearly traveling too close. What are the consequences? Will he do additional jail time? What should he expect? Thank you.
If your boyfriend is charged with DUI causing injury one of the legal issues will be whether or not he caused the...
I have a hold on my Driver's License. I just got a job. Can I get some type of permit or restricted license to drive for work?
The hold is because of an unpaid registration ticket. I am currently paying monthly installments on it.
Unfortunately, no. If the hold is due to unpaid fines/tickets. You will need to pay off the entire amount before your...
Can I get violated for driving on a supended liences while on court probatshion for a dui
I got pulled over in a check point and my liences is supended for a dui that happen a few years ago and I am on court probatshion can I go to jail for that
Most likely one of your conditions of probation is to "live a law abiding life" or something similar. By driving on a...
Dui, dmv, will my liscence be suspended as a second charge even tho I was not convicted the first charge?
I got a dui when I was 19, I never went to court and I never got convicted, however my liscence remained suspended for 1 year, I had not realized I never got a dui but I still went and got a sr22. Well now im 21 and I unfortunately got another dui, now I might not be so lucky this time. So my question is will my liscence be suspended for a year even if I never got convicted for the first one? It should regularly be 4 months suspension for a first dui. I am in california. Thank you
The answer is yes (assuming you lose your DMV hearing). Your license will be suspended for a year. The DMV and the...
I have two dui's from 2006 do i still have to do 18 months of dui classes and can i do them online?
I will be off of parole in November,parole not due to dui i have been off probation for dui since 20082008
Yes, it needs to be done. No, it cannot be done online