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Can I be found guilty if I tested under the legal limit?
Stopped at road check ,didn't have driver license on me. Officer said he smelled alcohol.Gave me a breathalyzer, tested 0.079 placed under arrest and car impounded.
You need to consult with a lawyer experienced in DUI from your state. The .08 applies to DUI as a matter of law. But...
What happens if you get pulled over for driving under suspension while your already suspended for a dui
Got DUI 5/07/2009 suspension end date/19/2013 got dus 9/22/2012
A DUS 1st where the suspension resulted from a DUI conviction carries a fine of $300 or 10-30 days in jail. Call a lawyer.
DUI reduced to reckless driving.
I'm a nurse that was charged with dui with hopes that I can get it reduced to reckless driving. I read in a previous post that this is only a traffic violation and not a criminal offense. Is this correct and it will not show up on a background check.
Depending on how the background check is run, this may certainly show up. I would advise a criminal defense lawyer who...
Can I claim statue of limitations on a fine for a dwi
Had a DUI in 2008 did everything the state of SC wanted me to do except pay the fine can or is there a statue of limitations on the fine
Yes, you still owe the fine if that was part of the plea agreement or part of the court order.
License suspended in Fla due to Dui. Completed all required except admin review board. Had to move to sc for job promotion.
I called admin review in Fla and asked this question about going to review board here in sc to get a restricted license and was told I cannot do this. If a admin review board is available in SC and Fla why am I unable to go through any review board? Is it because Florida wants that monew and will not transfer to another state for this reason? If money is not the motive what is????
Each state is sovereign. So they do not do the work of other states, and cannot transfer stuff like that.
Do I still need SR22 insurance
I was charged with DUI first offense but I wasn't driving my car, so therefore I know that my insurance had nothing to do with it. I paid my fine and my license got suspended for 6 months. I'm in the process of trying to get a car. Do I still have to get SR22 insurance??? Or my old insurance company never found out about it. I need help
You don't want to make any false statements to your insurance company
How did I end up with a DUI carrying empty epiepsy meds on my way to fill them non narcotic not a controlled substance when he s
Got into a fender bender when the officer asked me for my papers he seen the medicine bottles asked to look at them they had expired the day before I was on my way to fill them non narcotic not a controlled substance he read side effects which say may cause drowsiness (so does allergy meds) and got a dui he asked me for my papers and that's when he seen the empty bottles asked to see them read the side effects and arrested me for dui
I am sorry this happened to you. Your next step should be to hire a criminal defense attorney who deals with DUI/DWI....